ILS Digital Video Productions

International Learning Systems is a private, non-profit organization which produces distance-learning, educational and religious media.

Our main production studio and editing facilities are located on the campus of Andrews University in Bell Hall, in the School of Education. And now, we have a new dedicated video production control room in Pioneer Memorial Church (PMC) also on the AU campus. If you have been at Pioneer when Pastor Dwight K. Nelson is speaking, you may have seen volunteers in our video ministry program busy capturing the services for later broadcast via satellite on Adventist Communication Network (ACN), KSBN SafeTV and Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN). If you live in the Berrien County area, you may have also seen us on Channel 12 bringing special local programs as well as the regular programming from 3ABN.

New Perceptions is an hour-long television program consisting of the collegiate church service at PMC. This program features extensive participation from the university student body. Pastor Dwight normally groups his sermons in series. People from around the world have ordered video copies of the various series or single sermons. In 1998 Pastor Dwight spoke to the world in a 6 continent international satellite broadcast where thousands watched and studied the Bible together. International Learning Systems was there and played a vital role as a local supporting host.

ILS also has a close working relationship with Good News Television's WYGN-LP Channel 12 here in Berrien Springs.  ILS and GNTV are working to bring a new local identity to Channel 12 by creating more and more local programming. Here are some of the ideas being discussed:
-- Air special programs live (such as choral & symphony concerts and Christmas & Easter specials from the Andrews University campus).
-- Highlight, through video stories, the great largely unknown good work that church, school and civic groups are doing in our community.
-- Co-venture with the AU Communications and Digital Multimedia programs in providing
instruction and practical experience in video production, TV broadcasting and broadcast journalism and TV technology
-- Expand the partnership between ILS, New Perceptions, and Channel 12 to enlarge the television ministry of Pioneer Memorial Church as it serves not only the campus and the local community, but also the larger global community through satellite.

One of the great faith partnerships we have is with the North American Division, the Adventist Information Ministry, Andrews University and Pioneer Memorial Church. This has resulted in the acquisition of a lightly used broadcast quality 4-camera mobile video production unit which is currently used each week at PMC. It is located on the mezzanine level at the rear of the Castlebono Youth Chapel. It is a work in progress though. In order to complete the work in the control room we need approximately $50,000. We are also seeking to raise $15,000 for a boom camera unit for use in musical and seasonal programs like Christmas and Easter concerts and dramas. Another $10,000 is needed for additional television lighting on stage in the sanctuary plus $10,000 for lighting in the Youth Chapel.

We ask you remember International Learning Systems, Pioneer Memorial Church, WYGN-LP TV and our other faith partners in your prayers, and if possible, with financial support so that our new control room will be fully equipped to send the gospel to the entire world in preparation for our Lord's return.

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