Journal of Research on Christian Education

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The Journal of Research on Christian Education (JRCE) provides a vehicle for the scholarly interchange of research findings relative to every level of Christian education. Particular emphasis is given to Christian schooling within the Protestant tradition as well as to research findings from other traditions which have implications for such schools.

The purposes of the JRCE are (1) to stimulate inquiry among scholars of Christian education on topics of common interest, (2) to serve as a clearinghouse for the organization and diffusion of emerging research on the Christian school, and (3) to communicate research findings that inform Christian educators as well as the wider society.

The JRCE is published twice per year under the auspices of the School of Education atAndrews University, a Seventh-day Adventist institution. Views expressed in the JRCE are those of individual authors an do not necessarily represent the views of the editors or the sponsoring organization.

In each issue of JRCE we publish at least one article related to the Dayton Agenda, a private school research agenda set by leaders in the field. To find out more about the Dayton Agenda, click the link below.

Click here to view the "short version" of the Dayton Agenda.


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