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The pioneer Internet guide, Yahoo! has been indexing Web content almost from the beginning. Yahoo! is updated daily, allowing users to browse and search subject categories.

The MetaCrawler Parallel Web Search Service. Metasearch engines search through the indexes stored by many different search engines. Multiple keywords may be used.

A powerful metasearch engine.

Alta Vista
Rapidly become a favorite of many Web users because of its super-fast speed and massive database, Digital Equipment Corporation's Alta Vista engine rapidly searches through what may be the largest Web index. Alta Vista stores and retrieves all of the eight billion words it has found during full-text searches of more than 30 million Web pages.

If you can't describe exactly what you're looking for, Excite's "concept" navigation method could help you find it. This Web index is deep and broad, covering the full text of 11.5 million pages. It is updated weekly. Excite's team of expert journalists offer reviews of 55,000 sites.

This famous site is a veteran search engine which offers high-speed Web research with a random-links feature to find new and unusual sites. Use WebCrawler to search WWW document content. It publishes a list of the 25 most visited sites on the Web.

Lycos is a comprehensive catalog of the Internet which can find what you need in seconds, including text, graphics, sounds, and videos. It has been called one of the top eleven Internet search engines in quality of information and relevancy of results.

InfoSeek Guide is another popular Web-search service which can help you find what you're looking for on the Internet. After each search, you are presented with what the engine surmises to be the most relevant matches to your keyword(s) as well as related topics to explore.

HotWired and Inktomi provide HotBot, a search engine indexing the entire World Wide Web every week, which they say has indexed 54 million Web pages. Your searches can be limited by date, domain or continent. Searches can be made for Java, VRML and Netscape plug-ins.

Metasearch engines search through the indexes stored by many different search engines. Multiple keywords may be used.

Other Search Engines

Beaucoup's Listing of Search Engines: Education
Search information under reference, literature, education, and school categories. An exhaustive site.

c|net's finds software on the Internet. Some 170,000 files can be searched out and downloaded from shareware and corporate archives on the Internet. This engine has been said to do for software what Yahoo does for finding Web sites.

DejaNews indexes Usenet newsgroups. It uses a weighted search criteria that sorts information based on the number of occurrences of the word being sought.

Electric Library
The Electric Library makes comprehensive searches through its database of more than 1,000 full-text newspapers, magazines and academic journals; images; reference books; literature; and art.

Liszt is a searchable directory of 37,000 e-mail discussion groups.
Find specialty search engines to search just the area in which you are interested

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