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"The task of leadership is not to put
greatness into people, but to elicit it,
for the greatness is there already."
—John Buchan


Robson Marinho, PhD

Leadership and Meetings
Which one of the meetings below looks more like a “Leadership Meeting” in your opinion? Why?

Your answer to the above question may reflect your feelings about meetings! For example, do you love or hate meetings? Or are you neutral? I think that all of us have wondered about that at some point. Some people just cannot survive without committee meetings in the workplace, while others can barely tolerate them. What about you? As I reflect on the role of meetings in leadership, several questions come to my mind. For example: Is it possible to have true leadership without meetings? If yes, how? If not, why? Why do we have to spend hours talking about many obvious things and still call it leadership? This month I will only raise questions for your reflection and I will not discuss any answers so you can think first!

Actually, in order to further provoke your thought and reflection, I will share some of the worst definitions of meetings I have ever heard:

  • A meeting is an event where minutes are kept and hours are lost.
  • A meeting is a gathering where people speak up, say nothing, then all disagree
  • A meeting is indispensable when you don’t want to accomplish anything
  • The length of a meeting increases with the square of the number of people present
Do you agree or disagree with the above definitions? What is your opinion about the relationship between leadership and meetings? Next month I will come back to this topic, and if you want to voice your opinion, I will be glad to share your opinion and draw some interactive conclusions about this “debate!” Please feel free to email me your opinion at:



Countdown for Roundtable 2012 (July 22-25)
The countdown for the Roundtable 2012 has begun and we have four months left to explore the theme of Emotional, Social and Spiritual Leadership. The first two days are open to guests and community, so feel free to invite your colleagues to attend the keynote speech by Daniel Goleman, the best-selling author of several books including Emotional Intelligence, with millions of copies sold around the world. More information at:

Make sure to read the book Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships, so you can follow the presentations and participate in panel discussions. There will be a book signing ceremony by the author, so you may want to bring your books for autographs.

Pre-Conference Workshops: The conference will start with a series of pre-conference workshops on the topic of Spiritual Leadership, beginning on Friday evening and continuing Saturday and Sunday with keynote address by Richard Blackaby, co-author of Spiritual Leadership, under the coordination of the Christian Leadership Center of Andrews University.

Call for Proposals: You are welcome to submit and present a paper on Leadership at the Roundtable, so make sure to check the Call for Proposal at (deadline is May 15)


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Interview: Dr Thom Wolf

Thom Wolf is a PhD graduate from the Andrews Leadership program and is a current Professor of Global Studies at University Institute in New Delhi, India. Last month, Dr. Wolf was invited by the LEAD Department and AICER to present a series of workshops on the theme of The Global Conversation: Worship Virtues, Worldviews, and World Venues. The workshops were held in the Andrews Seminary chapel and attracted a large number of students from different schools on campus. The LEAD Newsletter invited Thom Wolf to share a little bit of his personal perspective and he kindly gave the interview below to Erich Baumgartner.

LEAD: What is your vision as a leader?
Thom: I think the crucial question of the 21st century is: what is the best way to live life on this planet? Therefore, I am specifically captured by a singular, blinding, driving vision: to see the spiritual DNA of the proto-generation of Jesus followers in the 1st century CE be given a fresh hearing by the inhabitants of the 21st century. At this life phase, all my life focus and research is given to seeing the spiritual DNA of the 1st century replicated into the destiny of the 21st century.

LEAD: Who would you name as a role model leader for you?
Thom: Paul, the 1st century social change agent. My 2011 trans-historical interview of Adolf Deissman at Uppsala University in Lumina Journal says it all.

LEAD: What do you like to do in your free time?
Thom: UBB and DOCS: Untimed Bookstore Browsing and the Discovery of Obscure Coffee Shops in cities around the world (Prague and Istanbul being two of my favorite, not to mention Hollywood and New Delhi).

LEAD: A typical favorite food?
Thom: Indian raj maa – spicy red beans and rice.

LEAD: A favorite song
Thom: Tommy Walker’s “We Will Remember”…

LEAD: A favorite book that impacted you?
Thom: Favorite? I don’t know if I can choose one, but I have found several to be of enduring interest in various ways:  K. Jaspers, The Origin and Goal of History; L.Harrison, Underdevelopment is a State of Mind; S. Huntington, The Clash of Civilizations; D. Grossman, On Killing; J. Stewart, The Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ; J. Pelikan, Jesus Through the Centuries; K. Verdery, The Political Lives of Dead Bodies; L. Stevenson, Ten Theories of Human Nature.

LEAD: A movie?
Thom: Geronimo: An American Legend, Glory, Amistad, The Bourne series, Defiance, and A Separation.

LEAD: Your most enjoyable vacation?
Thom: Family camping at Glorietta, NM, when our sons were boys. Now, I like November of every year when Linda and I return to USA from India to see family.

LEAD: Professionally, how would you describe yourself?
Thom: A lifetime member of the Indian Sociological Society, I am an activist writer and leader engaging the very privileged and the extreme poor of India’s backward castes. With a regular column in Forward Press Magazine (India’s only English-Hindi news mag), I have works in Hindi, Tibetan, and Marathi, and have been published by the Government of India; and part of a team that produced The Promise comic book for the poor and semiliterate. As an academic, I am a Professor of Global Studies at University Institute in New Delhi, India. I am also a visiting Professor of Global Leadership at Andrews University, and an Adjunct Professor of Sociology at Charleston Southern University.

LEAD: Tell us about your career in the US and abroad?
Thom: I pastored 20 years among the poor in East Los Angeles, built a 10,000 volumes personal library, taught undergraduate and graduate courses in seminaries and universities, directed school of intercultural studies in San Francisco for 8 years, and have lived in Asia for 10 years. I write and lecture on social change and development, giving pointed attention to the J-shape (Jesus-shape) of planetary life flourishing.

LEAD: Which course did you enjoy most in the program?
Thom: Dr. Shirley Freed’s foundational course on qualitative research.

LEAD: What challenged you most in your dissertation?
Thom: To achieve a doable framework for a dissertation of theory construction.

LEAD: One special secret from your portfolio experience?
Thom: For me, it was to create a template for common organization of the portfolio. I found it energizing at the time, and a trove research and writing projects since.

LEAD: What was your take away from the Leadership program?
Thom: The Leadership PhD program was academically rigorous, intellectually invigorating; and personally was connective collegially, expansive socially, and enriching spiritually.

LEAD: What would be your personal advice to your colleagues in the program?
Thom: Set yourself the highest of standards, pace yourself, expect difficulties, glue yourself to your faculty advisor, and never-never-never-never give up.

LEAD: Thanks Thom, for sharing your ideas and experiences.


Becky De Oliveira Wins Prize for Paper at Humanities Conference
LEAD faculty member and doctoral student at Western Michigan University (WMU) Becky De Oliveira recently won first prize out of 22 entries at the WMU Graduate Humanities Conference (February 24, 2012) for her paper titled, "Harvard Cowboys: The Role of Silas Weir Mitchell's Creative Works in Defining Western-style American Masculinity." The paper was originally written for a graduate seminar titled "Theodore Roosevelt and American Literature." She receives a $500 scholarship and publication in The Hilltop Review. "I try to make sure that every paper I write for a class is also something I can present at a conference," De Oliveira says. "I've used two of my papers from last semester this way in the last month. It was really rewarding, and completely unexpected, to win a prize on top of getting the opportunity to present my work."

Becky has also recently presented papers at The Louisville Conference on Culture and Literature Since 1900 at the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY and The Michican Academy of Science, Arts & Letters at Alma College in Alma, MI. She also sat on a book panel at the Seventh-day Adventist One Project meeting in Seattle, WA in front of an audience of about 700 people to discuss her recent youth devotional Keeping it Real in the Real World and signed books afterward.



Lara MacQuarrie Defends Dissertation
Lara MacQuarrie defended her dissertation titled, "A Comparison of the Incremental Rehearsal Method, the Pocket Word Method, and Repeated Reading in Instructional-Level Text on the World Retention, Words Read per Minute, and Comprehension of First-grade Students" on Monday, March 12, 2012 at Andrews University. The dissertation was chaired by James Tucker.

From left to right: Jim Jeffery, Matt Burns, Lara MacQuarrie, Jim Tucker, Ed Gickling, and Christon Arthur.


Thom Wolf Presents Lectureship on Global Conversation
From February 9-10 the Leadership Department hosted the 2012 Swallen Lectureship with Guest Professor Dr. Thom Wolf from University Institute, New Delhi, India. Dr. Wolf is a graduate of the Leadership Program and passionate about “The Global Conversation: Worship Virtues, World Views, and World Venues” which he presented in four fascinating lectures. What is the Global Conversation all about? According to Dr. Wolf people around the world are asking the crucial question: What is the best way to live life on this planet? The answers that have been given worldwide to this question have been shaped by key leaders (worship virtues) whose worldviews have determined the fate of whole civilizations. As one who lives in India, Dr. Wolf is very much aware of the contending options and more than one of the participants found new perspectives on what is going on in the world of today. On Monday, Dr. Wolf opened the circle of participants via a webinar to all graduate students of the university as he presented “Social Change and Development: A Research Template.” This webinar can be accessed on the web at: See also this month’s interview with a graduate.


Shawn Collins Publishes Journal Article
Shawn Collins (2009 cohort) just published an article entitled "Model for a Reproducible Curriculum Infrastructure to Provide International Nurse Anesthesia Continuing Education" in AANA Journal (December 2011  Vol. 79, No. 6). The ANNA Journal is the main scholarly journal of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. Congratulations Shawn!"


Elaine Foster Accepts New Position

Elaine Foster graduated with a PhD in Leadership from Andrews in May 2010. After serving as Dean of Academic Studies at Southwestern Michigan College for several years, she is now enjoying a new position at Kaplan University since July 2011, and this is how she describes her experience:

"I took the position as Associate Dean for Kaplan University School of Nursing. A month into the job, I also stepped in as Interim Director of Curriculum for the School of Nursing, and we have nursing programs in various states around the country.  Kaplan has pre-licensure ADN and PN programs. Offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees, we have on-line RN to BSN program, and an MSN program with 5 specializations:  Nursing informatics, Nursing administration, Nursing education, Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner and Family Nurse Practitioner. A couple of the new ventures I am working on for Kaplan are a pre-licensure BSN program for a couple of states on the East Coast and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice program. We have around 2500 students in the School of Nursing.

"I am enjoying my time with Kaplan. I have the best of all worlds - my base office is in Chicago, which I travel to every few weeks and spend a few days there.  When I am not there, I work out of my home office or travel to various areas, including Florida, which is one of the main spots."


Sylvia Gonzalez and Isadore Newman Present at EERA
LEAD faculty member Sylvia Gonzalez and methodologist Isadore Newman attended the Eastern Educational Research Association’s 35th Annual Conference, in beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC, from February 15-18, 2012, where they had the privilege of co-presenting with two Leadership PhD Participants: Carolyn Watson and Stacy Horner. Carolyn’s presentation was based on her quantitative research: “An ex-post facto study on the relationship between peer to peer mentoring experiences and instructor confidence, institutional loyalty, and student satisfaction among part-time instructors. Both presentations were very well received and generated interesting questions from the audience. Stacy says more about her presentation below.


Stacy Horner Presents at EERA

On February 17, Stacy Horner, (2007 cohort) presented a paper at Eastern Educational Research Association in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The topic was her ongoing dissertation research on “Relationships between job satisfaction, trust, and perceived value of faculty unionization: A within and between group study.” Stacy enjoyed her this professional opportunity, as she explains:

"Dr. Isadore Newman, my methodologist, encouraged me to do this at this time, prior to dissertation defense, in order to prepare me for the actual defense.  It was a great experience.  It forced me to "pull together" my dissertation in a way I had not previously done.  I now feel much more confident for my defense. While I am a seasoned presenter, the EERA Conference was more focused on research.  I learned that presenting to this group was a bit different than what I had done in the past.  I was asked to share my methodology and why I chose the methods I did for my dissertation.  As another benefit, two of my three committee members were present at the conference allowing us more relaxed time to discuss the next steps of my dissertation process. I am grateful that Dr. Newman pushed me a bit to do this and thankful for the opportunity to talk one on one with Dr. Sylvia Gonzalez. In addition, Southwestern Michigan College, the school where I work, funded the trip, which was very generous."



LEAD Conducts Secondary Educaton Benchmark Study
LEAD was recently invited to participate in a data gathering study for all secondary schools in North America. According to Janet Ledesma, principal investigator, “what is most exciting is that this study resulted out of a casual conversation between our Dean, Jim Jeffrey, and two Andrews University Board of Trustee members as they discussed SDA education, its status and direction. Shortly thereafter, one of the members decided to make a contribution by funding a study to collect data about our secondary schools. The benchmarks we are looking at include: 

  • Total annual revenue
  • Tuition
  • Constituent Church annual contribution (Subsidy)
  • Local Conference annual contribution (Subsidy)
  • Union annual contribution (Subsidy)
  • Governance Structure
  • Other sources of annual revenue
  • Principal Information: (Name, tenure, time frame in this position)
  • Teacher tenure
  • Teacher Certification
  • Enrollment (Current and History)
  • Academic outcomes (ACT & SAT scores , graduation quotient, & college enrollment)
  • Accreditation status and history
Two graduate assistants and one supervisor were hired to collect the data. One of them, Stephen Kabah, shared his first impression by saying: “In the two weeks I have been involved in the Landscape and Benchmarking study of Adventist Academies in the United States, I have strongly felt that there is a need of a centralized data information system. The survey is underway and it will be exciting to see how the data emerges.” Ruth Urdaneta, the graduate assistant supervisor of the study, notes, “As the supervisor for this Academy Landscape & Benchmarking Study, I am very excited about this research and I will give my best to ensure the research gets done in an orderly, accurate, and successful manner.”



Sylvester Boadi Earns Full Canadian University Scholarship
After graduating with an MA in Higher Education from Andrews in 2011, Sylvester Boadi applied for a PhD in Educational Leadership and received a full scholarship from Memorial University of Newfoundland, in Canada. However, as he says, he had to overcome many barriers and the experience at Andrews was crucial for his achievement. This is how he tells his inspiring story: “As to how I got the scholarship, the credit goes to the LEAD department at Andrews. Being a science man with agricultural background, it wasn't easy to switch to humanities. However, I had the needed support that put me on the cutting edge for further research work. Initially, I was offered admission but without any supervisor and the formation of the supervisory committee was also a problem. The Dean of the Faculty then asked me to forward my proposal to him to see if he could advise me to make changes so as to attract supervisors. Instead of sending the proposal alone, I decided to embed it into my digital portfolio that I prepared for the MA program at Andrews. After reviewing all the 10 competencies, thank God, professors in the department literally fought to supervise my work. The three who finally succeeded have the same interest as me. One has an interest in using technology to enhance teaching and learning. The other committee member is a leadership expert, and my dissertation chair is an educational administration expert. Should I say I'm blessed? However, this opportunity wouldn't have presented itself if I hadn’t submitted the digital version of my MA portfolio. (

From left to right: Robson Marinho, Sylvester Boadi, Natasha Smith, and Duane Covrig.

The academic environment here is purely research oriented. Thus, as soon as one starts the program, the supervisors begin seriously to prepare you for publications. They believe it is the surest way to expose students to the research world, which consequently enhances their career opportunities. Thursday was my first seminar and the second one comes off in March 2012. By June ending this year, I should be ready for my first publication which will be related to my area of research. I am studying educational administration but have three minors attached: leadership, change and technology. My research interest is on leadership development and I am now working on a project initiated by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), in Vancouver, with thee academic consultants in my university and some selected administrators in four West African countries.

This project is the follow up of a web-based leadership training for headmasters and school principals in four African countries (i.e., Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Gambia). Six participants were selected from each country and trained in Gambia as Master trainers in 2010. The master trainers in turn went to their respective countries and trained all other headmasters, head teachers and principals to acquire modern leadership skills. Fortunately, the three academic consultants who initiated the program now constitute my supervisory committee. My research will investigate how the training is being implemented in Ghana and will also ascertain the applicability of theories underpinning the whole concepts. This is because the theories were from the "Western World" so I will found out how prepared are these administrators to practice.

Finally, I want to thank my co-adviser Natasha Smith who gave me the technical support for the electronic portfolio. I also want to express a deep gratitude to all faculty and staff in the LEAD Department for the support given to me. I appreciate every bit of assistance offered me particularly by Marji and my advisor Prof. Robson. I'm proud to be an alumnus of Andrews and will forever remember all.”



Summer 2011 Statistics Intensive
EDRM611 Research Methods & Statistics in Education and Psychology II will be taught as an intensive July 9-20, 2012, immediately before the Roundtable Annual Conference. The professor is Jimmy Kijai.

Materials Required

  1. Textbook: Howell, D. C. (2010). Statistical methods for psychology. Belmont, CA: Cengage Wadsworth.
  2. SPSS (Version 16, 17, 18 or 19).
  3. Calculator with basic statistical function.

Optional Material:
Green, S. B. and Salkind, N. J. (2008).  Using SPSS for windows and Macintosh:  Analyzing and understanding data. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

Class meetings: 
Monday (July 9) through Friday (July 13); Sunday (July 15) through Friday (July 20).
8:00 am to 12:00 pm, Bell Hall 183.


International Leadership Association (ILA)
The 14th Annual ILA Global Conference, on the theme of “Leadership Across the Great Divides: Bridging Cultures, Contexts, and Complexities”, will take place October 24-27, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. The conference calls on leadership scholars and educators, business and community leaders, students and young leaders to propose conference sessions that offer the finest leadership of your sector and across sectors.

Call for Proposals Deadline: March 15, 2012. For more information, see:


Russian Study Tour
Beginning in Copenhagen, the Higher Education Study Tour will interact with universities in Russia and Scandinavia from May 31 to June 17. For more information, please check the tour new blog at  


Upcoming Dissertation Defenses

Karen Tilstra: "Leadership Programs Designed to Develop Creative Leaders: A Multi-case Study." Chaired by Shirley Freed. Monday, March 26, 2012 (9.00-11.00am). Andrews University, Board Room (Administration Building 307).

Dennis Lundgren: "The Effects of a Videoconferencing Implementation Project on Educators' Level of Concern in Southwest Michigan Schools." Chaired by Shirley Freed. Wednesday, March 28, 2012 (9.00-11.00am). Andrews University, Board Room (Administration Building 307).




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