James White Library Strategic Plan - 2002

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Definition and Vision

While the library's 1995 "Beyond Walls" plan accepted that the library is much more than a building, there continues to be the need for a visually attractive, comfortable, and organizationally efficient library facility on campus. Experience here and elsewhere demonstrates that customers need and will use a facility that offers a range of relevant services, assistance to find and use information, quiet and comfortable study areas, and places for group interaction.

The James White Library building is four decades old, and in urgent need of renovation and physical reorganization in order to properly serve today's students and faculty. The North Central Association, following its most recent accreditation visit in 1999, recommended that the building be renovated as soon as possible.

The library is rapidly approaching the point where additional space must be found for growing collections and new functions, either by building an addition or developing off-site storage of selected resources. Attention must be given to the future role of technology in every aspect of library organization and service, both for library staff and patrons. A comprehensive plan must be developed involving complete interior renovation of the existing building and provision of additional space within five years.

Faith Focus

Elements of faith may be reflected in the nature, design and decor of the library's facilities.

Assessment Focus

A comprehensive evaluation of physical facilities and user needs must be part of the planning process for new or renovated facilities.


Immediate attention will be given to a comprehensive re-assessment of library space needs, with input from students and faculty.

Action Steps:

  • -Review and update the library's comprehensive space assessment
  • -Solicit input from students and faculty in future space allocation and decisions
  • -Consider the allocation of library space to new functions such as a café, computer lab, extended-hours study area, and meditation area

Continue with renovation of James White Library in harmony with a comprehensive plan for use of library space.

Action Steps:

    • -Complete plan for building renovation in harmony with space assessment
    • -Seek creative ways to reflect faith and mission in visual communication
    • -Seek funding for completion of building renovation within five years
    • -Meet A.D.A. requirements

Enhance the library environment for a range of uses.

Action Steps:

  • -Use visual communication, including artwork, to convey our Christian philosophy and heritage
  • -Provide adequate spaces for quiet study, group activity, and closed carrels for doctoral students and faculty research
  • -Give attention to climate and ventilation
  • -Provide decor and furnishings which attract student use

Emphasis will be given to the continuing role of technology in the operation of the library and its services.

Action Steps:

    • -Develop a plan for upgrading the Innopac to Millennium technology within five years
    • -Continue to implement new technologies as appropriate to enhance functions and services
    • -Maintain a schedule to upgrade hardware and software