James White Library Strategic Plan - 2002

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Definition and Vision

The ongoing development and continued relevance of James White Library in serving the information and research needs of the customer will be dependent upon a qualified and committed workforce of librarians, support staff, and student workers. Equally important will be flexibility of organizational structure so that changing needs can be addressed quickly and efficiently. Future trends point to the effective use of work teams rather than traditional hierarchical structures to accomplish this.

Changes taking place in the delivery of education suggest that librarians must partner with teaching faculty in order to achieve a high level of service and relevance in the areas of instructional support.

James White Library seeks to maximize its value to the Andrews campus by developing an excellent library staff, and by collaborating with faculty in the delivery of education.

Faith Focus

Library employees, no less than teaching faculty, may positively influence the personal development and lifestyle choices of students.

Assessment Focus

There is need to re-examine the work that librarians and support staff do, in terms of both why and how they do it.


The James White Library will attract and retain excellent personnel.

Action Steps:

  • -Urge a remuneration plan for library faculty which recognizes both professional rank and administrative appointment
  • -Encourage the professional development of library faculty, including conference attendance and active participation in professional organizations
  • -Implement a new support staff classification system which parallels the campus classification and provides greater incentives for staff to move to higher levels of responsibility
  • -Provide in-service training opportunities for support staff, including attendance at workshops and seminars
  • -Implement an orientation program for new library employees
  • -Create a diverse library workforce at all levels
  • -Affirm the role of student employment for its values both to the student and the library

The library's organizational structure will facilitate a culture of assessment and continuous quality improvement.

Action Steps:

    • -Encourage a cross-functional team approach to the delivery of library services
    • -View organizational structure as dynamic and responsive to changing demands
    • -Conduct staff workshops, with invited experts, to assist employees in areas such as change, faith issues, diversity, and assessment
    • -Implement cross-training where it is feasible

Library faculty members will be given sabbaticals and other time opportunities for research and writing.

Action Steps:

    • -Seek creative ways and funding to provide sabbatical or similar opportunities
    • -Provide more funding for librarians to attend professional conferences
    • -Provide opportunities and incentives for librarians to become involved in professional organizations, writing and research

Librarians will form partnerships with teaching faculty and forge relationships that will enhance learning and teaching.

Action Steps:

    • -Collaborate with campus leaders in instructional design and technology in the further development of the Mary Jane Mitchell Multimedia Center
  • -Expand the librarian liaison program to include involvement in:
  • •development of information literacy competencies
  • •training of faculty in the use of new digital resources
  • •all facets of collection development and evaluation

James White Library will foster supportive relationships with friends and alumni.

Action Steps:

  • -Utilize alumni as a valued resource
  • -Develop a library Friends group