James White Library Strategic Plan - 2002

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James White Library is at a point of re-thinking its future. During the past year Andrews University has adopted a new strategic plan that focuses directly on the student. It invites the library to respond, to discover how it can contribute to "the Andrews Experience."

There is also the recognition that academic libraries are being tossed in a sea of discontinuous change. Powerful forces - economic, social, and technological - are transforming society, nationally and globally. As the pace of change quickens, libraries are caught in cross-currents of uncertainty.

Against this background the James White Library Strategic Planning Committee has chosen Direction as the keyword for its new plan. Direction sounds a note of certainty amid chaos. It defines progress toward a goal. It maps a course for the library's ongoing development in four areas - communities, environment, knowledge resources, human resources. And it clarifies the roles of faith and assessment - dual themes providing points of orientation, as guiding stars for the voyage.