James White Library Strategic Plan - 2002

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Two themes overlay all phases of the James White Library program.


The Christian philosophy of education undergirds the mission and purpose of the James White Library in several ways.

  • •Faith and mission permeate all aspects of library service and activity.

  • •Moral values are imparted through the life and witness of individual employees.

  • •Servant leadership is modeled on Jesus Christ.

  • •Education is life-long and for eternity.

  • •Visual communication of faith and purpose is important.


The application of assessment to academic libraries is not easy to accomplish, yet there are some powerful reasons for being concerned with assessment : the needs of library users, a demand for accountability, competition for funds, the requirements of accreditation, quality improvement goals, and the driving force of new technologies. A library culture of assessment implies several things.

  • •All library operations and services are customer-focused.

  • •Decisions are based on facts and research rather than supposition.

  • •Services are delivered to maximize outcomes and to benefit the customer.

  • •Performance standards and benchmarks are utilized.

  • •There is openness to new ideas and a willingness to embrace them.