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Welcome From the Dean of Libraries

Walt Crawford, a library futurist, believes that life tends toward more choices rather than fewer. He states: "In that future, the web will serve libraries and archives in a multiplicity of ways--not as a replacement for buildings, physical circulating collections, and carefully conserved archives, but as a set of tools to improve current services, provide new services, and gain access to resources beyond local collections."

To meet the future, which will surely be more complex than the present, and remain leader in creating academic excellent at Andrews University, the James White Library must be reinvented as a new, vibrant intellectual center. It must become an inviting environment for students, faculty, and staff to interact with knowledge and with each other. This can be accomplished through the combination of adequate space, and attractive to decor, and a sense of community, together with the judicious application of information technology to the way resources are accessed. This future rests on a foundation of the well-established traditional library staff service. The goal is to enhance student learning so that Andrews University students are ready for the new century.

On behalf of all of us at James White Library I wish you success and God's blessing in your Andrews adventure!

Larry Onsager
Dean of Libraries, Andrews University

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Updated June 5, 2018