Procedures and Guidelines Using the Resources

The Architecture Resource Center is staffed with knowledgeable personnel to assist you in finding the resources you need. Don't hesitate to ask for help, that's why they're there.
Books may be found by author, title, subject or keyword in JeWeL, the online catalog of the James White Library. Searches can be limited by location (from the search, type [L] Limit; [W] Where item is located; [C] Architecture Resource Center).

There are two networked workstations in the ARC for public use. All questions are cheerfully and inexpensively answered.

Current periodicals are on display behind the seating area. Older issues are found under the shelves, and more ancient issues are bound and available for short-term circulation. Only the ancient bound volumes are mature enough to leave the ARC. Leave the others in our protective custody, please. Use the Avery Index, Architectural Index, and Art Index (in FirstSearch, JeWeL opening menu) to find article citations.

Take any of the Reference Materials out of the doors of the ARC and the staff will be delighted to take way lay you. These books are not to be taken from the ARC.

Circulation Policies

Like This

  • No AU ID card or Berrien Library Consortium Info-Pass, no checkout.

Your Legacy

  • You check it out on your ID number, we expect you to keep it with your hot little body 'til you bring it back. We don't care who stole it or borrowed it from you. All fines are--we regret to say--"your sole responsibility."

Your Time

  • Once checked out to you, books are yours for 21 days (with four days of grace), bound periodicals for 1 day.

Your Money

  • Overdue books relieve you of 50 cents a day per item
  • Overdue bound periodicals relieve you of 10 cents per hour per volume.
  • Once lost or destroyed, you pay for it.

Your loss

  • If you have the dreadful tendency to accumulate fines and/or lost books (e.g. one or more), we will tearfully but firmly turn you away from checking any other materials out.

Reserve Materials

Professors often place materials on reserve at the ARC. They are kept within the hallowed confines of the circulation area, and we recommend that for your continued safety you never venture into that area by yourself. Ask ARC personnel. A list of materials on reserve is available from any smiling on-duty assistant.

Copy Machine and Office Equipment

The copier and office equipment on the table near the machine are available for patron use. This equipment is a courtesy to you and remains in the ARC. Period. We will be delighted to give you a copy card upon receipt of the correct amount of cash. We do not understand the term IOU. Copy cards may also be charged to an Andrews University account. We regret that we cannot give refunds for unused portions of copy cards.

More Vital Information

Do not reshelve books. It's not that we don't trust your ability to use the alphabet. Please just leave materials out on the tables. All books that are used are counted by our computers so we can get an accurate count of how many and which books are used.

Don't be offended if we ask to take a quick look inside any backpacks or briefcases. We don't think we will ever do so, but you never know.
Library personnel are very territorial. The work area behind the counters belongs to them and to them only. We thank you for not invading their space.
Thou mayest sleep, read, study, philosophize, dream, design, and theorize within the ARC; however, thou mayest not eat or drink.

Updated: May 24, 2011