EDRA 35 Books by Author

Prepared by

The Architecture Resource Center

at Andrews University

Berrien Springs, MI

1. D.A.P. (Actar). 2nd Mies Van der Rohe award for Latin American architecture. 84-95273632. $29.00

2. Rakennustieto. Kengo Kuma: Spirit of nature wood architecture award 2002. Helsinki, 2002. www.rakennustieto.fi or www.spiritofnature.net ISBN 951-682-698-9. 36.10 Euros

3. D.A.P. (The Museum of Modern Art). Aalto, Alvar. Between humanism and materialism. New York, 2002. 0-87070-107-X. $50.00

4. Firefly Books Ltd. Adam, Judith. Landscape planning: Practical techniques for the home gardener. New York, 2002. www.fireflybooks.com ISBN 1-55209-618-1. $ 27.95

5. Timber Press. Adams, Denise Wiles. Restoring American gardens: An encyclopedia of heirloom ornamental plants 1640-1940. Portland, 2004. www.timberpress.com ISBN 0-88192-619-1. $39.95

6. Gibbs Smith Publisher. Adamson, Paul and Marty Arbunich. Eichler: modernism rebuilds the American dream. 2002. 1-58685-184-5. $50.00

7. University of Calgary Press, and the University Press of Colorado. Agostoni, Claudia. Monuments of progress. Canada, 2003. 0 87081 734 5. $21.95

8. Prometheus Books (Humanity). Aguilar, Delia D. and Anne E. Lacsamana eds. Women and globalization. Amherst, New York, 2004. www.prometheusbooks.com ISBN 1-59102-162-6. $27.00 Conf. price: $21.60

9. Columbia University Press (Kegan Paul International). Al-Mutawa, Subhi Abdullah. Kuwait city parks. London, 85. www.columbia.edu/cu/cup ISBN 0-7103-0068-9. $110.00 Conf. price: $88.00

10. New Society Publishers. Albery, Nick et al. The world's greatest ideas: An encyclopedia of social inventions. Canada, 2001. www.newsociety.com ISBN 0-86571-443-6. $18.95

11. Sage Publications. Albrecht, Gary L. Katherine D. Seelman and Michael Bury eds. Handbook of disability studies. Thousand Oaks, CA, 2001. 0-7619-2874-X. $64.95 Conf. price: $55.21

12. Sage Publications. Albrecht, Gary L. Susan C. Scrimshaw and Ray Fitzpatrick eds. The handbook of social studies in health and medicine. Thousand Oaks, CA, 99. 0-7619-4272-6. $69.95 Conf. price: $59.46

13. Columbia University Press. Allen, T. J. Tainter and A. Hoekstra. Supply-side sustainability. New York, 2003. www.columbia.edu/cu/cup ISBN 0-2311-0587-8. $34.50 Conf. price: $28.00

14. Leo S. Olschki. Anon Feliu, C. ed. Culture and nature: international legislative texts referring to the safeguard of natural and cultural heritage. Italy, 2003. www.olschki.it ISBN 88-222-5128-8. 49,00 Euro

15. Focus Strategic Communications Incorporated. Arthur, Paul and Romedi Passini. Wayfinding: People, signs, and architecture. Ontario, Canada, 2002. www.paularthur-wayfinding.com ISBN 0-9731822-0-2. $95.00

16. Prometheus Books (Humanity). Asad, Talal ed. Anthropology & the colonial encounter. Amherst, New York, 73. www.prometheusbooks.com ISBN 1-57392-589-6. $24.00 Conf. price: $19.20

17. Palgrave Macmillan (Manchester University Press). Attfied, Judy. Utility reassessed: The role of ethics in the practice of design. Manchester, 99. www.palgrave.com ISBN 0-7190-5844-9. $27.95

18. Kim Williams Books. Basic, Rozmeri. St. Donat and Alcuin's acrostics: case studies in Carolingian modulation. 2003. 88-88479-02-3. $15.00

19. Island Press. Beatley, Timothy David J. Brower and Anna K. Schwab. An introduction to coastal zone management. Washington D.C., 94. www.islandpress.org ISBN 1-55963-281-X. $35.00 Conf. price: $28.00

20. International Specialized Book Services (The Policy Press). Beer, Andrew Graham Haughton and Alaric Maude eds. Developing locally: An international comparison of local and regional economic development. Bristol, 2003. www.isbs.com ISBN 1-86134-485-6. $32.50 Conf. price: $26.00

21. Prometheus Books. Beerman, Susan and Judith Rappaport-Musson. Eldercare 911: The caregiver's complete handbook for making decisions. Amherst, New York, 2001. www.prometheusbooks.com ISBN 1-59102-014-X. $24.00 Conf. price: $19.20

22. International Specialized Book Services (The Policy Press). Begg, Iain ed. Urban competitiveness: Policies for dynamic cities. 2002. www.isbs.com ISBN 1-86134-357-4. $29.95 Conf. price: $23.95

23. University of Hong Kong. Beisi, Jia ed. Proceedings of dense living urban structures: International conference of open building. Hong Kong, 2003. 9627757055. 270HK$ for set inc. postage.
$36.00 USD for set, inc. postage

24. Prometheus Books (Humanity). Bender, Frederic L. The culture of extinction: Toward a philosophy of deep ecology. Amherst, New York, 2003. www.prometheusbooks.com ISBN 1-59102-055-7. $65.00 Conf. price: $52.00

25. The New Press. Bender, Thomas. The unfinished city: New York and the metropolitan idea. New York, 2002. www.thenewpress.com ISBN 1-56584-736-9. $30.00

26. Island Press (NRDC). Benfield, F Kaid Jutka Terris and Nancy Vorsanger. Solving sprawl: Models of smart growth in communities across America. New York, 2001. www.islandpress.org ISBN 1-893340-33-3. $25.00 Conf. price: $20.00

27. Tuttle Publishing. Berliner, Nancy. Yin Yu Tang: The architecture and daily life of a Chinese house. Boston, 2003. www.tuttlepublishing.com ISBN 0-8048-3487-3. $34.95

28. International Specialized Book Services (The Policy Press). Berthound, Richard and Jonathan Gershuny. Seven years in the lives of British Families. Bristol, 2000. www.isbs.com ISBN 1-86134-200-4. $32.00 Conf. price: $26.00

29. International Specialized Book Services (The Policy Press). Biddulph, Mike. Home zones: A planning and design handbook. Bristol, 2001. www.isbs.com ISBN 1-86134-371-X. $25.00 Conf. price: $20.00

30. D.A.P. (Birgus). Birgus, Vladimir. Vladimir Birgus. 2003. 80-86217-31-0. $19.95

31. University of North Carolina Press. Bishir, Catherine W. and Michael T. Southern. A guide to the historic architecture of Piedmont North Carolina. Chapel Hill, NC, 2003. www.uncpress.unc.edu ISBN 0-8078-5451-4. $22.50 Conf. price: $18.00

32. University of Chicago Press. Blair, Kamin. Why architecture matters: Lessons from Chicago. 2001. 0-226-42322-0. $21.00

33. D.A.P. (NAi Publishers). Block, M. S. Johaninisse and V. Stissi. Michel de Klerk: Architect and artist of the Amsterdam School. 1884-1923. Rotterdam, 97. 90-5662-047-9. $80.00

34. Princeton Architectural Press. Boym, Constantin. Curious Boym: Design works. New York, 2002. www.papress.com ISBN 1-56898-353-0. $39.00 Conf. price: $31.20

35. Gibbs Smith Publisher. Brinkhoff, Val and Dudley A. Gardener. Architecture of the ancient ones. 2000. 0-87905-955-9. $19.95

36. D.A.P. (NAi Publishers). Brinkman and Van der Vlugt. The Sonneveld House: An avant-garde home from 1933. 2001. 90-5662-197-1. $29.95

37. ALA Editions. Brown, Carol R. Interior design for libraries: Drawing on function and appeal.

38. University Press of Kansas. Brown, John Gary. Soul in the stone: Cemetery art from America's heartland. Lawrence, Kansas, 94. www.kansaspress.ku.edu ISBN 0-7006-0634-3. $39.95 Conf. price: $31.96

39. Princeton Architectural Press. Bruton, Pamela and Marie Botnick. Private landscapes: Modernist gardens in Southern California. New York, 2002. www.papress.com ISBN 1-56898-402-2. $50.00 Conf. price: $40.00

40. Princeton Architectural Press. Bucci, Federico and Marco Mulazzani. Luigi Moretti: Works and writings. New York, 2002. www.papress.com ISBN 1-56898-306-9. $48.00 Conf. price: $38.40

41. University of Alberta Press. Buidotti, Tee L. and Pierre Gosselin eds. The Canadian guide to health and the environment. Alberta, 99. www.ualberta.ca ISBN 0-88864-293-8. $19.95 CND

42. Perseus Books Group. Bullard, Robert D. Dumping in Dixie: Race, class and environmental quality. U.S.A., 2000. www.perseusbooksgroup.com ISBN 0-8133-6792-1. $29.00 Conf. price: $24.60

43. McGill-Queen's University Press. Bunting, P. M. Making public transportation work. Montreal, QC, 2004. www.mqup.ca ISBN 0-7735-2607-2. $65.00 CND Conf. price: $52.00 CND

44. Gibbs Smith Publisher. Burkhart, Bryan and Allison Arieff. Prefab. 2002. 1-58685-132-2. $39.95

45. Focal Press. Caplin, Steve. How to cheat in Photoshop 2/E. Amsterdam, 2004. www.focalpress.com ISBN 0-240-51953-1. $36.95

46. Allworth Press. Carrier, David. Writing about visual art. New York, 2003. www.allworth.com ISBN 1-58115-261-2. $19.95 Conf. price: $16.00

47. Focal Press. Carver, Gavin and Christine White. Computer visualization for the theatre: 3D modeling for designers. Amsterdam, 2003. www.focalpress.com ISBN 0-240-51617-6. $37.95

48. Prometheus Books (Humanity). Chasin, Barbara H. Inequality & violence in the United States: Casualties of capitalism 2/E. Amherst, New York, 2004. www.prometheusbooks.com ISBN 1-59102-160-X. $27.00 Conf. price: $21.60

49. New Society Publishers. Chiras, Dan and Dave Wann. Superbia!: 31 ways to create sustainable neighborhoods . Canada, 2003. www.newsociety.com ISBN 0-86571-490-8. $19.95

50. Chelsea Green Publishing Company. Chiras, Daniel D. The New Ecological Home: A Complete Guide to Green Building Options. White River Junction, VT, 2004. www.chelseagreen.com ISBN 1-931498-16-4. $35.00

51. University Press of Kansas. Christensen, Bonnie. Red Lodge and the mythic west: Coal miners to cowboys. Lawrence, Kansas, 2002. www.kansaspress.ku.edu ISBN 0-7006-1198-3. $34.00 Conf. price: $27.96

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