EDRA 38 Books by Author

Prepared by

The Architecture Resource Center

At Andrews University

Berrien Springs, MI


     1.    GTA Verlag.  Adam, Hubertus, et al.  Landscape architecture in mutation: Essays on urban landscape.  Zurich, 2005.  http://books.gta.arch.ethz.ch  ISBN 3-85676-157-8.  $45.00

     2.    University of Toronto Press.  Adams, Annmarie and Peta Tancred.  'Designing women:' Gender and the architectural profession.  Toronto, 2000.  www.utpress.utoronto.ca  ISBN 0-8020-8219-X.  $20.95 Conf. price: $16.76

     3.    Columbia University Press.  Akabas, Sheila H. and Paul A. Kurzman.  Work and the workplace: A resource for innovative policy and practice.  New York, U.S.A.  2007.  www.columbia.edu/cu/cup  ISBN 978-0-231-11167-6.  $25.00 Conf. price: $20.00

     4.    W. W. Norton.  Allison, Peter, ed.  David Adjaye houses: Recycling, reconfiguration, rebuilding.  New York, 2005.  www.wwnorton.com  ISBN 978-0-500-28631-9.  $27.96

     5.    University of Chicago Press.  Alofsin, Anthony.  When buildings speak: Architecture as language in the Habsburg Empire and its aftermath, 1867-1933.  Chicago, 2006.  www.press.uchicago.edu  ISBN 978-0-226-01506-4.  $65.00 Conf. price: $52.00

     6.    AMCEN/UNEP.  AMCEN/UNEP, et al. eds.  Africa environment outlook 2: Our environment, our wealth.  Nairobi, 2006.  www.unep.org/dewa/africa  ISBN 92-807-2691-9.  $60.00

     7.    Princeton Architectural Press.  Amidon, Jane, ed.  Source books in landscape architecture: Ken Smith landscape architect: Urban projects, Vol. 2.  New York, 2006.  www.papress.com  ISBN 1-56898-510-X.  $29.95

     8.    Columbia University Press.  Anderson, Anthony B. and Clinton N. Jerkins.  Applying nature’s design: Corridors as a strategy for biodiversity conservation.  New York, U.S.A.  2007.  www.columbia.edu/cu/cup  ISBN 978-0-231-13411-8.  $34.50 Conf. price: $27.60

     9.    Chelsea Green Publications.  Anderson, Will.  Diary of an eco-builder.  Vermont, 2006.  www.chelseagreen.com  ISBN 9781903998793.  $30.00

   10.    Fairchild Publications.  Aspelund, Karl.  The design process.  New York, 2006.  www.fairchildbooks.com  ISBN 1-56367-412-2.  $78.00

   11.    University of Toronto Press.  Babe, Robert E.  Culture of ecology: Reconciling economics and environment.  Toronto, 2006.  www.utpress.utoronto.ca  ISBN 0-8020-3595-7.  $65.00 Conf. price: $52.00

   12.    Watson-Guptill Publishers.  Baines, Phil and Andrew Haslam.  Type & typography, 2nd ed.  New York, 2005.  www.watsonguptill.com  ISBN 0-8230-5528-0.  $29.95

   13.    Distributed Art Publishers.  Bakker, Daan, et al. eds.  Architecture in the Netherlands, 2005/06.  New York, 2006.  www.naipublishers.nl  ISBN 90-5662-488-1.  $60.00

   14.    W. W. Norton.  Ballon, Hilary and Kenneth T. Jackson, eds.  Robert Moses and the modern city: The transformation of New York.  New York, 2007.  www.wwnorton.com  ISBN 978-0-393-73206-1.  $40.00

   15.    Columbia University Press.  Bandmann, Gunter.  Early medieval architecture as bearer of meaning.  New York, U.S.A.  2007.  www.columbia.edu/cu/cup  ISBN 978-0-231-12704-2.  $50.00 Conf. price: $40.00

   16.    Episode Publishers.  Barajas, Diego.  Dispersion: A study of global mobility and the dynamics of a fictional urbanism.  Rotterdam, 2003.  www.episode-publishers.nl  ISBN 978-90-5973-002-X.  $33.50

   17.    MIT Press.  Barlett, Peggy F., ed.  Urban place: Reconnecting with the natural world.  Cambridge, 2005.  http://mitpress.mit.edu  ISBN 978-0-262-52443-8.  $24.00 Conf. price: $19.20

   18.    University of New Mexico Press.  Bastea, Eleni, ed.  Memory and architecture.  Albuquerque, 2004.  www.unmpress.com  ISBN 978-0-8263-3269-1.  $34.95

   19.    Kumarian Press.  Batliwala, Srilatha and L. David Brown, eds.  Transnational civil society: An introduction.  Bloomfield, 2006.  www.kpbooks.com  ISBN 1-56549-210-2.  $25.95

   20.    MIT Press.  Batty, Michael.  Cities and complexity: Understanding cities and cellular automata, agent-based models, and fractals.  Cambridge, 2005.  http://mitpress.mit.edu  ISBN 0-262-02583-3.  $60.00 Conf. price: $48.00

   21.    MIT Press.  Baudrillard, Jean.  Utopia deferred: Writings for Utopie (1967-1978).  Cambridge, 2006.  http://mitpress.mit.edu  ISBN 978-1-58435-033-0.  $17.95 Conf. price: $14.36

   22.    Tuttle Publishing.  Beal, Gillian.  Tropical style: Contemporary dream houses in Malaysia.  Japan, 2003.  www.tuttlepublishing.com  ISBN 978-0-7946-0415-8.  discount $20.97 original $29.95

   23.    iUniverse.  Belfoure, Charles.  Dying by design.  Lincoln, 2005.  www.iuniverse.com  ISBN 978-0-595-35749-9.  $15.95

   24.    McFarland & Company, Inc.   Belfoure, Charles.  Monuments to money: The architecture of American banks.  U.S.A., 2005.  www.mcfarlandpub.com  ISBN 0-7864-2060-X.  $55.00

   25.    MIT Press.  Ben-Joseph, Eran.  The code of the city: Standards and the hidden language of place making.  Cambridge, 2005.  http://mitpress.mit.edu  ISBN 0-262-52445-7.  $24.00 Conf. price: $19.20

   26.    Sterling.  Berg, Donald J.  American country building design: Rediscovered plans for 19th-century farmhouses, cottages, landscapes, barns, carriage houses & outbuildings.  New York, 2005.  www.sterlingpub.com  ISBN 1-4027-2357-1.  $14.95

   27.    Chelsea Green.  Berman, Daniel M. and John T. O'Connor.  Who owns the sun?: People, politics, and the struggle for a solar economy.  White River Junction, 1996.  www.chelseagreen.com  ISBN 1-890132-08-X.  $17.95

   28.    IOS Press.  Binnekamp, Ruud.  Open design, a stakeholder-oriented approach in architecture, urban planning, and project management.  The Netherlands, 2006.  www.iospress.nl/  ISBN 1-58603-650-5.  $80.00

   29.    University of Pennsylvania Press.  Birch, Eugenie L. and Susan M. Wachter, eds.  Rebuilding urban places after disaster: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina.  Philadelphia, 2006.  www.upenn.edu/pennpress  ISBN 0-8122-1980-5.  $34.95 Conf. price: $27.96

   30.    Marco Products.  Biren, Richard L.  Managing school conflict.  Warminster, 1995.  www.marcoproducts.com  ISBN 1-884063-69-1.  $11.95

   31.    MIT Press.  Blesser, Barry and Linda-Ruth Salter.  Spaces speak, are you listening?: Experiencing aural architecture.  Cambridge, 2007.  http://mitpress.mit.edu  ISBN 978-0-262-02605-5.  $39.95 Conf. price: $31.96

   32.    Heyday Books.  Bloomfield, Anne and Arthur.  Gables and fables: A portrait of San Francisco's Pacific Heights.  Berkeley, 2007.  www.heydaybooks.com  ISBN 978-1-59714-056-0.  $19.95

   33.    Kumarian Press.  Boothby, Neil, Alison Strang, and Michael Wessells, eds.  A world turned upside down: Social ecological approaches to children in war zones.  Bloomfield, 2006.  www.kpbooks.com  ISBN 1-56549-225-0.  $26.95

   34.    MIT Press.  Bradford, Travis.  Solar revolution: The economic transformation of the global energy industry.  Cambridge, 2006.  http://mitpress.mit.edu  ISBN 978-0-262-02604-8.  $24.95 Conf. price: $19.96

   35.    W. W. Norton.  Breeze, Carla.  American art deco.  New York, 2003.  www.wwnorton.com  ISBN 0-393-01970-5.  $39.96

   36.    University of Toronto Press.  Bridgman, Rae.  Safe haven: The story of a shelter for homeless women.  Toronto, 2003.  www.utpress.utoronto.ca  ISBN 0-8020-8084-7.  $24.95 Conf. price: $19.96

   37.    University of Massachusetts Press with the Library of American Landscape History.  Brookes Hutcheson, Martha and Rebecca Warren Davidson.  The spirit of the garden.  Amherst, 2001.  www.umass.edu/umpress  ISBN 978-1-55849-272-1.  $34.95

   38.    W. W. Norton.  Brooks, H. Allen.  The prairie school: Frank Lloyd Wright and his midwest contemporaries.  New York, 2006.  www.wwnorton.com  ISBN 0-393-73191-X.  $20.00

   39.    Watson-Guptill Publishers.  Broto, Carles.  Compact houses.  New York, 2005.  www.watsonguptill.com  ISBN 84-96263-10-X.  $40.00

   40.    Watson-Guptill Publishers.  Broto, Carles.  Great kid's spaces: Designing for fun.  New York, 2006.  www.watsonguptill.com  ISBN 84-96263-61-4.  $39.95

   41.    Watson-Guptill Publishers.  Broto, Eduard.  Today's culture facilities.  New York, 2006.  www.watsonguptill.com  ISBN 978-84-96263-58-1.  $45.00

   42.    MIT Press.  Brown, David J., ed.  The Home House Project: The future of affordable housing.  Cambridge, 2004.  http://mitpress.mit.edu  ISBN 0-262-52432-5.  $29.95 Conf. price: $23.96

   43.    University of Chicago Press.  Bruegmann, Robert.  Sprawl: A compact history.  Chicago, 2005.  www.press.uchicago.edu  ISBN 978-0-226-07691-1.  $17.00 Conf. price: $13.60

   44.    W. W. Norton.  Buchanan, Peter.  Ten shades of green: Architecture and the natural world.  New York, 2005.  www.wwnorton.com  ISBN 0-393-73189-8.  $19.96

   45.    MIT Press.  Bullard, Robert, ed.  Growing smarter: Achieving livable communities, environmental justice, and regional equity.  Cambridge, 2007.  http://mitpress.mit.edu  ISBN 978-0-262-52470-4.  $27.00 Conf. price: $21.60

   46.    Columbia University Press.  Bulliet, Richard W.   Hunters, Herders and Hamburgers: The past and future of human-animal relationships.  New York, U.S.A.  2005.  www.columbia.edu/cu/cup  ISBN 978-0-231-13076-9.  $27.50 Conf. price: $22.00

   47.    Harry N. Abrams.  Bullivant, Lucy.  Responsive environments: Architecture, art, and design.  New York, 2006.  www.hnabooks.com  ISBN 978-1-85177-481-4.  $39.95

   48.    Hampton Press.  Burd, Gene, Susan Drucker and Gary Gumpert.  Urban communication reader.  Australia, 2007.  New Jersey, U.S.A.   ISBN 1-57273-747-6.  $28.50

   49.    University of Alberta Press.  Burgess, Cecil Scott.  Architecture, town planning and community: Selected writings and public talks by Cecil Burgess, 1909-1946.  Edmonton, AB, 2005.  www.uap.ualberta.ca  ISBN 0-88864-455-8.  $39.95

   50.    Edward Elgar.  Button, Kenneth, el al. eds.  Telecommunications, transportation, and location.  Cheltenham, UK, 2006.  www.e-elgar.com  ISBN 1-84064-846-5.  $80.00

   51.    W. W. Norton.  Byard, Paul Spencer.  The architecture of additions: Design and regulation.  New York, 1998.  www.wwnorton.com  ISBN 0-393-73176-6.  $23.96

   52.    Charles River Media.  Byrne, Ed.  Game level design.  Hingham, 2005.  www.charlesriver.com  ISBN 1-58450-369-6.  $49.95

   53.    University of New Mexico Press.  Campbell, John Martin, et al.  The great houses of Chaco.  Albuquerque, 2007.  www.unmpress.com  ISBN 978-0-8263-4248-5.  $27.95

   54.    Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.  Campoli, Julie and Alex S. MacLean.  Visualizing density.  Cambridge, 2007.  www.lincolninst.edu  ISBN 978-1-55844-171-2.  $39.95

   55.    University of New Mexico Press.  Childs, Mark C.  Squares: A public place design guide for urbanists.  Albuquerque, 2004.  www.unmpress.com  ISBN 978-0-8263-3004-8.  $25.95

   56.    New Society Publishers.  Chiras, Dan.  The homeowner's guide to renewable energy.  Gariola Island, 2006.  www.newsociety.com  ISBN 0-86571-536-X.  $27.95

   57.    Multi-Science Publishing.  Cirillo, Ettore and Francesco Martellotta.  Worship, acoustics, and architecture.  Brentwood, UK, 2006.  www.multi-science.co.uk  ISBN 0906522-44-7.  $63.80

   58.    MIT Press.  Clausen, Meredith L.  The Pan Am Building and the shattering of the modernist dream.  Cambridge, 2006.  http://mitpress.mit.edu  ISBN 0-262-53283-2.  $18.36

   59.    University of Massachusetts Press with the Library of American Landscape History.  Cleveland, H. W. S., Daniel J. Nadenicek, and Lance M. Neckar.  Landscape architecture, as applied to the wants of the west.  Amherst, 2002.  www.umass.edu/umpress  ISBN 978-1-55849-330-8.  $29.95

   60.    University of Pennsylvania Press.  Cnaan, Ram A.  The other Philadelphia story: How local congregations support quality of life in urban America.  Philadelphia, 2006.  www.upenn.edu/pennpress  ISBN 0-8122-3949-0.  $69.95 Conf. price: $55.96

   61.    Chelsea Green Publications.  Cobbett, William.  Cottage Economy.  Vermont, 2006.  www.chelseagreen.com  ISBN 9781933392257.  $25.00

   62.    MIT Press.  Colomina, Beatriz.  Domesticity at war.  Cambridge, 2007.  http://mitpress.mit.edu  ISBN 978-0-262-03361-9.  $49.95 Conf. price: $39.96

   63.    Louisiana State University Press.  Colten, Craig E.  An unnatural metropolis: Wrestling New Orleans from nature.  Baton Rouge, 2005.  www.lsu.edu/lsupress  ISBN 0-8071-3200-4.  $18.95

   64.    University of Chicago Press.  Connah, Roger.  Finland: Modern architectures in history.  Chicago, 2005.  www.press.uchicago.edu  ISBN 1-86189-250-0.  $29.95 Conf. price: $23.96

   65.    Sterling.  Constanza Guzman, Maria and Olga Martin, trans.  Art of drawing: The complete course.  New York, 2003.  www.sterlingpub.com  ISBN 1-4027-0932-3.  $19.95

   66.    Princeton Architectural Press.  Corum, Nathaniel.  Building a straw bale house: The red feather construction handbook.  New York,  2005.  www.papress.com  ISBN 1-56898-514-2.  $24.95

   67.    MIT Press.  Costanza, Robert, Lisa J. Graumlich, and Will Steffen, eds.  Sustainability or collapse?: an integrated history and future of people on Earth.  Cambridge, 2007.  http://mitpress.mit.edu  ISBN 978-0-262-03366-4.  $38.00 Conf. price: $30.40

   68.    W. W. Norton.  Crasemann Collins, Christiane.  Werner Hegemann and the search for universal urbanism.  New York, 2005.  www.wwnorton.com  ISBN 0-393-73156-1.  $40.00

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   70.    Black Dog Publishing.  d'Avoine, Pierre and Clare Melhuish.  Housey housey: A pattern book of ideal homes.  London, 2005.  www.bdpworld.com  ISBN 1-904772-10-2.  $39.95

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   75.    Watson-Guptill Publishers.  de Haro, Fernando and Omar Fuentes.  Coastal Homes, 2nd ed.  New York, 2006.  www.watsonguptill.com  ISBN 970-9726-31-5.  $45.00

   76.    Watson-Guptill Publishers.  de Haro, Fernando and Omar Fuentes.  Spaces 7: Offices, restaurants, commercial spaces.  New York, 2005.  www.watsonguptill.com  ISBN 970-9726-19-6.  $39.95

   77.    Good Earth Publications.  de Montaudouin, Maya.  MXM: Man out of mutant.  Buena Vista, 1996.  www.goodearthpublications.com  ISBN 0-9624648-4-8.  $8.00

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