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Exciting Discovery of Ellen G. White Letters

In the process of cataloguing the Smith/Bovee Collection (#146), doctoral student Michael Campbell discovered five previously unknown Ellen G. White letters. The collection consists of documents relating to Uriah and Harriet Smith, donated by the late Mark L. Bovee in 1990. The letters give insights into the life and perspectives of Ellen White. In addition to the Ellen G. White letters there were a number of other significant items found including an 1853 letter from James White to Uriah Smith inviting him to join the publishing office and a series of letters by Uriah Smith on his travels through Europe and the Middle East in 1894-1895. This collection is a rich resource for those wishing to discover more about Uriah and Harriet Smith and nineteenth century Seventh-day Adventism. Preliminary transcriptions of the Ellen G. White letters and the James White letter can be read in .pdf-file.

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Ellen White to Harriet Smith

Ellen White to Lucindia Hall

Ellen White to Sister Harriet

Ellen White to Sister Irwin

Ellen White to the Smith's

James White to Uriah Smith

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