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Donations of Books and Periodicals

The James White Library accepts gifts from the public of books and other kinds of information resources. All library acquisitions are made according to the library's collection development policies, which call for addition of materials that support the university's curricula.

Materials which meet the policy guidelines are added to the appropriate collection. Duplicates and other materials that the library cannot use are disposed of according to the following priorities:

      1. Donated to libraries at institutions affiliated with Andrews University and other SDA postsecondary libraries, which are located outside the United States; or

      2. Sold at a library book sale and the proceeds used to support library projects. These sales are held in the library lobby continuously during the regular academic year as materials are available.

Periodicals may also be accepted, but many, such as National Geographic and Reader's Digest, cannot be accepted.

For donations, please contact the Library Dean's Office. The library cannot legally give donors an estimate of value for their donation. However, the Library Dean's Office will be happy to provide a letter of receipt.

Revised December 18, 2000

Updated June 5, 2018

Updated June 5, 2018