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There are photocopiers for public use in the main library on each floor. They are capable of reducing and enlarging, and are stocked with letter and legal size paper. The photocopiers will accept quarters, dimes, nickels, and one dollar bills. The cost of each photocopy is 10 cents, or 7 cents each with a VendaCard.

A VendaCard may be purchased at the circulation desk of the main library for one dollar. The card has seven copies on it at the time of purchase. More copies can be added to the card at the photocopy machines by putting in the VendaCard and inserting the money to be added to the card.

Change for the photocopiers can be obtained at the circulation desk of the main library.

Non-circulating materials in the Music Materials Center can be taken to the Music Department office to be copied for 10 cents per page.

The Architecture Resource Center has a photocopier for public use.

Copies in the Center for Adventist Research (formerly called Adventist Heritage Center) are made under their policies governing reproduction. Copies that are made are done by library staff and cost 15 cents per page.

Copies can be made from microforms in the Media Center for 10 cents per page. The library does not make copies of copyrighted audio or video recordings.

Updated August 21, 2014

Updated August 21, 2014