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Power Failure Policy

This policy is intended to deal with unexpected power failures, usually of uncertain duration. The main purposes of the policy are to provide :

  • Safety of staff and patrons
  • Protection of electronic equipment and data
  • Security of library materials

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Who Should Give Direction?

In the event of power failure, the Library Dean is in charge of emergency arrangements. In his absence, the Head of Patron Services, or her deputy, is in charge of procedures.

Procedures governing the library staff and patrons will also apply to the Ellen G. White Estate staff and patrons.

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Closing/Re-opening of Library

Unless there is evidence that the power outage will be of short duration, the library should begin closing procedures, including release of student assistants, 15 minutes after the outage occurs. If the outage occurs during hours of darkness, closing procedures should begin immediately.

If power is restored after the library has been closed, plans should be made to re-open within 30 minutes, unless restoration of power occurs within one hour of normal closing time, in which case the library will not normally re-open.

Staff in each department should know where to find an emergency flashlight when needed.

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Procedures When Power Failure Occurs

  • Call Academic Computing (6114 or 6016), or Computing Center (3455) to verify that the Innovative Interfaces system is being shut down.

  • Check both elevators - Campus Safety (3321)

  • Call Plant Service (3380) to determine if the outage is campus-wide, and if there is any word of duration.

  • Station at least one library employee (normally someone from Patron Services) at the main library entry/exit area to enhance security of materials.

  • If possible, place a phone message for all library staff, advising of intended action, requesting their assistance in turning off computers at power bars, etc.

  • Advise the staff of the Ellen G. White Estate by phone or in person of plans.

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Library Emergency Closing Procedures

  • Direction for closing should come from the officer in charge at the time of the emergency.

  • Available staff should assist in ensuring that the library is vacated by patrons. During daylight hours, students with after-hours permits may normally be permitted to remain in carrels if they wish to do so. All other patrons should be asked to leave the building.

  • At least one library employee should be stationed at the main entrance/exit to lock the doors, answer questions, and to try to ensure that library materials are not removed unless checked out.

  • Staff in appropriate departments should be given clear instructions as to plans for re-opening when power is restored, and adequate contact arrangements made.

  • A sign should be placed at the library entrance indicating that the library is closed due to a power outage.

  • At least two library employees should remain in the building on paid duty after closing is complete, with instructions to contact appropriate staff when power is restored. These individuals should be available to answer the library's information phone (3283) and the circulation desk phone (3267). If the library is to re-open, a sign should be made for the main library entrance advising expected time of re-opening.

  • If power is not restored one hour before normal closing time, the library employees on duty should make reasonable attempt to ensure that equipment, especially heaters, and light switches are turned off. A sign stating that the library will not reopen should be placed at the main library entrance.

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Policy Revised October 12, 1995

Updated January 26, 2011