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Resources Development Policy

Part A - The Guiding Philosophy [PDF-290K]
Part B - General Guidelines [Word]
Part C 1 - Architecture Resource Center [PDF-153K]
Part C 2 - Adventist Heritage Center[PDF-364K]
Part C 3- Information Services
Part C 4- Music Materials Center [PDF-203K]
Part C 5- Periodicals [PDF-297K]
Part C 6- Rare Materials Collection [PDF-157K]
Part C 7- Seminary Library [PDF-244K]
Part C 8- The Multimedia Center [PDF-227K]
Part C 9- General Reading Collection [PDF-220K]
Part C 10 - Internet Resources [PDF-227K]
Part C 11 - Diversity Statement [PDF-84K]


Updated October 22, 2018