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      See Bibliographic Services
Adventist Heritage Center
      A leading documentary collection for the study of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, its predecessors and related groups located in the Center for Adventist Research.
Andrews University Links
      Selected links to the Andrews University web site
Architecture Resource Center
A branch library that specializes in research help and material related to architecture located in the Architecture Building.
Archives & Records Center
      While not an official part of the Library it is nonetheless housed in this building. It exists to serve Andrews University.
Bibliographic Services
      Acquires, prepares and maintains library materials to facilitate and support the educational programs of the university and provide materials for patron use.
      See Bibliographic Services
Center for Adventist Research
      A leading documentary collection for the study of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, its predecessors and related groups.
      See Patron Services. Collection Development
      The collection development librarian is responsible for monographic development and managing the library liaison program.
Dean of the Libraries Office
      The office of the library dean
Ellen G. White Estate
      JWL is home to one of three Ellen G. White Estate Branch Office research centers.
Friends of the Library
      Friends of the Library provide financial support and/or volunteer their time.
Information Services
      Provides assistance in locating information and doing research; offers instruction, tours, and workshops; and acquires materials through interlibrary loan. It maintains the reference and career resources.
Interlibrary Loan
      A service of the Information Services department which facilitates borrowing from and lending to other libraries for faculty and student research needs.
Liaison Services
      Library Liaison Program Library Instruction
      See Information Services
Library Policies
      Library Policies
Multimedia Center
      The Mary Jane Mitchell Multimedia Center (MC) is the primary library location for microforms, audiovisual materials (cassettes, videotapes, etc.), multimedia, and pamphlets. It also serves as the curriculum library for the School of Education, and houses the collection of Youth literature.
Music Materials Center
      A branch library which specializes in research help and material related to music located in the lower level of Hamel Hall.
MyLibrary Description
      A brief description of the MyLibrary functions
New Books List
      List of new books recently acquired by the Library.
Notices by Email
      Receive Library Notices by Email (FAQ page)
Off Campus Library Services
      Library services and resources for off-campus and distance learning students.
Patron Services
      The Patron Services Department is responsible for the circulation of materials, course reserves, shelving books, assignment of study carrels, building security, and building management.
      Provides access to and maintenance of JWL's periodical collections.
      See Information Services.
Resources Development
      The resources development librarian is responsible for all library resources development and managing the library liaison program.
Search Andrews University Web Site
      Exhaustive search of Andrews University web site (uses Google)
Search Library Web Site
      Exhaustive search of the James White Library web site (uses Google)
Seminary Library
      Provides access, reference and consultation services, and collection management for Library resources in theology and religion.
Special Services
      Services available to more in-depth searchers.
      The Systems Office is responsible for development of the overall library electronic information resources, including the library's electronic catalog, and all hardware and software support.
      See Information Services

Updated June 5, 2018