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The Mary Jane Mitchell Multimedia Center is the primary library location for microforms, audiovisual materials (DVD's, videotapes, etc.), multimedia, and pamphlets and serves the entire university. It also includes a textbook collection for the School of Education, houses small collections of children's and young adult literature and a small computer lab for general patron use.

The Media Center also contains a computer lab with computers available for general use.

There is a Bookscan system that has a flat bed scanner for scanning of bound items. It also has a sheet scanner that can scan one or both sides at the same time. Scanning can be done in black/white or in color. Output format can be specified as PDF, Word, Jpeg, or Tiff. Output device can be to an email address or to your USB drive. Bookscan is controlled by an easy to use touch screen. There is no charge for using the Bookscan system.

A computer workstation is dedicated to serve disabled students. The Clear View magnifying reading machine and the Kurtaweil 3000 program are also available.

The Media Center operates a Large Format Printer for posters, banner, signs, and photographs.

The Media Center has a 3D Lab with 3D printers. More information on 3D print is at Media Center 3D Printing.

Location & Address

The Media Center is located on the north side of the top floor of the James White Library (turn left at the top of the stairs).Address correspondence to:

Media Center
James White Library
Andrews University
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-1400
Phone: (616) 471-3272

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Media Center Hours
Rozenia Marinho, Media Center Manager
Steve Sowder, Head, Systems & Media Department
And the finest group of student assistants anywhere

Updated March 13, 2017