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Approved Oct. 13, 2005


Office and Service Desk Phones

       Telephones are installed in library offices and service desks primarily to conduct library business, to facilitate communication, and to maximize efficiency. 

       Library employees are expected to be familiar with the various features of their phones and to utilize them effectively and responsibly. A meridian mail guide is located at the back of the University phone directory.

       Exercise courtesy when making and responding to phone calls. 

       Fill out message forms completely and deliver them in a timely manner.

       Avoid social calls during work time or keep them brief.

       If personal long distance calls have to be made, employees are expected to pay the bill to the Office Manager according to the guidelines set by the University Telecom Department.  

Cell Phones

       Cell phone use can be disruptive in the work environment and distracting to those who are working or studying. 

       Cell phones should be on Avibrate@ or turned off when entering the library. 

       Avoid social calls during work time or keep them brief.

       Do not use cell phones during meetings, training sessions, business or reference transactions. 

       Student assistants should limit cell phone use during break times, but in an emergency they may be used away from study areas or where other employees will not be disrupted.

       Library faculty and staff who talk on cell phones for business purposes should use their cell phones in office areas only and other appropriate places in consideration of other office workers. 


     A courtesy phone for on-campus calls is located by the lunchroom on the lower level of the main library. Branch libraries have their own arrangements.

       The main library has no phones for off-campus calls. Please inquire at the Information Desk for pay phone locations on campus.

       Cell phones must be on Avibrate@ or turned off when entering the library.

       Use cell phones only in the lobby and hallways.

       Patrons should be aware that they may be approached by any library employee for violation of this policy.

Updated September 23, 2009