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New Series, No. 20 Newsletter of James White Library October/November 1996
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The newly formed Adventist Library Information Cooperative (ALICE) has signed its first contract to share electronic databases among Adventist libraries. The initial group of databases is from Silver Platter, and includes CINAHL (nursing), ERIC (education), HealthStar (formerly HealthPlan, health care management), Medline, MLA Bibliography (language and literature), PsycINFO (Psychological Abstracts), Social Work Abstracts, and Sociofile (Sociological Abstracts). All eight of these databases are now available either as text-based systems (telnet library) or on the web ( and go to Electronic Databases).

These eight join other external databases made available over the Internet, such as those on OCLC FirstSearch, the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, Anthropological Literature, and Britannica Online, as the library continues its plan to deliver information electronically to the "scholar's workstation." The databases are accessed from Silver Platter's server over the Internet.

ALICE was developed subsequent to meetings at Loma Linda last winter and at Columbia Union College in June, and officially was "born" on September 1. Inaugural members of the consortium were Andrews University, Columbia Union College, Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, La Sierra University, Loma Linda University, Oakwood College, Pacific Union College, Southern Adventist University, Union College, and Walla Walla College. Eight of these are participating in the initial contract with Silver Platter.

Cooperation of this type allows the member libraries to achieve campus-wide networking of databases at a reasonable cost. In the future the consortium will no doubt grow to include Adventist libraries outside North America. Keith Clouten chairs the ALICE Council, and Harvey Brenneise is managing secretary of the consortium.

By December, the libraries plan to select and install a general periodical database which includes the full text of as many as 1,000 periodical titles. At Andrews, this will replace the tape-loaded Expanded Academic Index that the library has used for the past several years. In addition, ALICE is preparing to offer the ATLA Religion Indexes to its member campuses, and is evaluating business databases, also with full text. In the future, other databases such as those from the Institute of Scientific Information, BIOSIS, Books in Print, and others will be evaluated for possible addition to those offered through the consortium.

(Please save this directory)
                                                Phone   Room No.
Acquisitions:  Sallie Alger                     6264    254
Adventist Heritage Center:  Jim Ford            3274    160
ALICE:  Harvey Brenneise                        6242    271
Architecture Resource Center:  Kathy Demsky     2418    Architecture Bldg
Bibliographic Instruction:  Wolfhard Touchard   6263    222
Building Manager:  Josip Horonic                6117    125
Carrel Allocation:  Josip Horonic               6117    125
Cataloging:  Esther Tyler                       6262    253
Circulation:  Peggy Trimble                     3267    280
Collection Development:  Harvey Brenneise       6242    271
Director:  Keith Clouten                        3379    200
Interlibrary Loan:  Sandra White                3506    231
Meeting Rooms:  Wanda Cantrell                  3264    200
Multimedia Center:  Jess Oliver                 6259    301
Music Materials Center:  Linda Mack             3114    Hamel Hall
Office Manager:  Wanda Cantrell                 3264    200
Patron Services:  Rebecca Twomley               3549    281
Periodicals:  Sharon Straw                      3330    255
Photocopier Service:  Josip Horonic             6117    125
Reference Services:  Cynthia Helms              6260    221
SAIL:  Carol Tasker                             3319    120
SDA Periodical Index:  Dan Drazen               3319    121
Seminary Reference:  Warren Johns               6267    275
Stack Management:  Josip Horonic                6117    125
Student Employment:  Wanda Cantrell             3264    200
Systems Manager:  Wendell Ward                  3865    395
Technical Services:  Sallie Alger               6264    254


Ordinarily, faculty submit requests and the library does the purchasing. But what happens when a teacher buys an item and asks to have it placed in the library? Please read on:

Reimbursement for Faculty Purchase of Library Materials

The library staff requests that faculty members ordinarily go through the regular acquisition procedures for items to be added to the library collection. However, we realize that occasionally you may pick up a book, video or other material at a conference or store. If this happens, please note the following:

1. Bring the item to the Head of Technical Services (Sallie Alger) and she will deliver it to the appropriate librarian for evaluation. The item will be evaluated using standard resource development policies and, in the case of videos, must be previewed by the selector. 2. If there is available funding and the library does not already have the item, it may be added to the collection. However, since the library will not pay invoices for items we have not ordered, please do the following after receiving notification that the item has been accepted: 1. Make a copy of the invoice (not statement) and attach a completed expense report form. 2. Send or bring these to Sallie Alger, who will see that you, or your department, is reimbursed through the normal expense report channels. 3. If the library does not add it to the collection, you are responsible for returning it to the place of purchase. 4. We cannot reimburse for item(s) without an invoice. Thanks for your cooperation.

(Reprinted from The Fernwood Newsletter)

Many hearty thanks are due to The Architecture Resource Center of Andrews University for generously donating a computer that will allow Fernwood's Library to enter the world of computer technology. In addition, Director of the Center and Fernwood volunteer Kathleen Demsky donated a printer and Center staff member Bernard Helms has volunteered to help set up the equipment.

Fernwood's Library now will be able to use a software program on loan from Andrews that will help create an updated card catalog. Then Fernwood can develop a system of circulating materials that is more accessible and accountable (too many Fernwood books are lost). Fernwood's volunteer Library staff is excited about the prospects and looks forward to making the Library an even more important resource for staff, members, and visitors. Work on the project will continue through the winter with tangible results planned for next spring or summer.

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Contributors to this issue of UNCLASSIFIED are Sallie Alger and Harvey Brenneise.

Editor: Wanda Cantrell

UNCLASSIFIED is edited and produced by the James White Library Director's Office. It is published in January, February, April, May, September, October, and November. Items for inclusion should reach the Director's Office by the first working day of the month of publication.

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Revised December 3, 1996