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New Series, No. 14 Newsletter of James White Library October 1995
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Tuesday, October 17, was a unique day for James White Library. Flags festooned the mall, a pep band performed on the library steps, a friendly cardinal bird flapped its red wings, while inside there was a T-shirt sale, contests, free draws, lots of cake and punch, and a speech by President Andreasen.

The occasion was the official "unveiling" of the James White Library homepage on the World Wide Web. Its "address" (URL) is listed above.

The World Wide Web is the Internet application that allows users to employ a graphical user interface (a fancy term for using a mouse to click on desired information) with hypertext "hot" links to electronic information resources all over the Internet.

As part of its "Beyond Walls" scenario, the library plans to increasingly use Internet-based information resources to deliver information more efficiently to the university user community. Many of these resources will be available through the web. The first "subscription" resource accessible from the JWL homepage is the full text of Encyclopedia Britannica. Britannica Online is now available from all campus computers. Watch for additional information on major resources to be made available from the library's web page.

The library plans to use the web in two ways:

The information about JWL that is currently available (or will shortly be available) includes: a history of the library, biographical sketches of James White and J. N. Andrews, descriptions of the library's collections, staff directories, departmental hours, policies, statistics, services and general information, and new book lists. The library's web pages are intended to become the central information source about the library.

JeWeL, the library's electronic catalog, is also accessible through our homepage. To connect to JeWeL, your computer's browser software (Netscape on most campus machines) must have access to a telnet session. At a future date, the library hopes to make JeWeL available through its own web server so that JeWeL becomes an integral and seamless part of the World Wide Web.

Resources under the heading "Electronic Resources" on the homepage include free ones and those to which the library subscribes. If you are looking for a specific source, the heading "Searching the Web" might be most useful. "Internet Meta-Indexes" is another useful place to begin a web search. We have prepared these entries to help you find resources on particular topics. Think of them as a subject "table of contents" to the web, while "Searching the Web" is the index.

The library also maintains a selective list of resources by subject--mainly subjects in the Andrews curricula or of special interest. We want to provide some of the best "starting places" for web access by subject. The list of all electronic resources maintained or accessed through the library is also found in this section of the JWL homepage. This includes CD-ROMs in the library, tape-loaded databases, and Internet resources.

The "Reference Shelf" heading on the homepage includes links to important electronic reference sources, from Weather to Zip codes. Look for the Britannica Online here. The library's homepage also has links to other libraries, both in Michiana and around the world. Patrons may also access library publications in electronic form (recent issues of "Unclassified", and soon the library's strategic plan, "Beyond Walls").

Readers not yet familiar with the web might consider the training sessions being offered on a regular basis by Academic Computing.

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Teaching faculty are encouraged to submit order requests for books which they are recommending for library purchase. Since, however, budgets are limited, we ask that each request be marked with one of the four priority codes:

Each month during teaching quarters, the Acquisitions Unit will send you a list of your order requests with a Status for each item. The following status codes are used on these reports:

You may also receive periodically a print-out of items that you previously requested, which are now cataloged and are on the shelves, or will be there shortly. These print-outs will contain the call numbers of the items. Remember that you can consult our online catalog, JeWeL, at any time to find out if an item has been cataloged and where it is on the shelves.

Contributors to this issue of UNCLASSIFIED are Sallie Alger and Harvey Brenneise.

Editor: Wanda Cantrell

UNCLASSIFIED is edited and produced by the James White Library Director's Office. Published in January, February, April, May, September, October, and November. Items for inclusion should reach the Director's Office by the first working day of the month of publication.

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Revised January 11, 1995