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New Series, No. 13 Newsletter of James White Library September 1995
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October 17 is "Beyond the Walls" Day!

Following the release of a new strategic plan, "Beyond Walls", last May, James White Library is preparing to unveil its presence on the global World Wide Web. The library's homepage on the web will receive its public introduction on October 17, "Beyond the Walls" Day on the Andrews campus. The URL (Universal Resource Locator, or address) will be announced at that time.

What will be on the homepage? First, there will be external links to information resources on the Internet. These include links to Michiana resources, libraries around the world, and free information on a wide variety of subjects. We hope to create a page that is both visually attractive and is a useful first stop for our users as they seek information on the web. We will also be placing on our web page access points to bibliographic and reference resources that the library purchases. The first of these is the Encyclopedia Britannica. The full text of this encyclopedia will now be available to anyone in the campus community, even through campus accounts from home! It will be linked from the library's homepage, but can also be accessed directly from computers on the campus network. The URL is

In the coming months, the library will also be evaluating other reference and bibliographic databases for possible inclusion for delivery to the campus community through the library's web page.

There will also be much internal information about the library--its hours, policies, services, publications, and more. We hope to make this a one-stop publication for those interested in finding out more about the library. No longer will users have to look for that elusive scrap of paper or handout. It will be on the web, along with a great deal of other useful information.

The Web will be supported on four new library workstations from October 17, with more public terminals to be added as budget permits.

The October 17 event is expected to attract campus students and faculty as well as visitors from area libraries. The program is being organized by a committee of librarians and teaching faculty, chaired by Kathy Demsky. Watch for more information, and plan to join us for the celebration.

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If, after the summer break, you can't find some of your favorite library resources, it may be that they have been moved to new locations within the library. Here is a summary of this summer's re-locations: BIBLIOGRAPHIES used to be in the alcove beyond the Reference area. The alcove is now part of the Technical Services Department, and the bibliographies reside in compact shelving within the Periodicals area on the lower floor.

PAMPHLET FILES can now be found in the Media Center on the top floor. There used to be separate locations for General Pamphlets (in Reference), Seminary Pamphlets, and Education Pamphlets. They are now together in one place.

NEWSPAPERS were always in the Periodicals area on the lower floor. Not quite true--there were a few in the Seminary Library. Now, however, they are all downstairs, with a single exception: the Jerusalem Post will be with Seminary Periodicals on the main floor.

MICROFICHE are likewise centralized in the Media Center, top floor. Some microfiche (college catalogs, Federal Register, etc.) used to be in the Reference area.

DISSERTATIONS of Andrews University graduates used to be separated by school--Graduate Studies in the Reference area, and Seminary dissertations in the Seminary Library. You will now find them all together in the Seminary Library, just in front of the doctoral carrels.

PRINTED PERIODICAL INDEXES have been moved from the lower floor to the Reference area on the main floor. The Seminary Periodical Indexes are in the same area.

E.G.WHITE BOOKS have also been centralized. The non-circulating copies which were in the Seminary Reference shelves have now been integrated with the circulating collection adjacent to the Periodical Indexes on the main floor.

All reference services are now centralized at the Reference Desk on the main floor. There is no longer a separate reference desk or CD-ROM workstations in the Seminary Library.

On the other hand, photocopiers have been distributed on all three floors of the building, including two on the main floor--one in the Seminary Library, the other in the Reference area.

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1st International Library Congress Attracts 50

This was the summer when half of AU's librarians took flight, destination London. The attraction was the first-ever truly international congress of SDA librarians, held at Newbold College, June 19-26.

Organized as the 15th annual conference of the Association of SDA Librarians (ASDAL), the Newbold meeting attracted fifty librarians from 21 countries on five continents. "Sharing" was the key word as delegates listened to and discussed papers on the theme of "The Global Electronic Village: Sharing Human and Information Resources." The sharing theme extended to a first-ever joint session of librarians and Ellen G. White research center directors during one afternoon of the conference.

The success of the meeting resulted largely from the collaboration of four people: ASDAL president Harvey Brenneise at Andrews University, president-elect Adu Worku at Pacific Union College, and on-site coordinators Per Lisle and Annette Melgosa, library director and associate respectively, at Newbold College.

Besides listening to papers, conducting business sessions, attending worships and meals, the librarians took full-day and half-day tours to several localities including Stratford and the Cotswolds, Oxford, Windsor, and London. Highlights included behind-the-scenes tours of two of the world's greatest libraries, the Bodleian Library at Oxford and the British Library in London. Recognizing the need for Adventist librarians worldwide to work together to achieve resource sharing and electronic links, the conference established a five-member Task Force on International Cooperation among SDA libraries. Chaired by Keith Clouten of Andrews University, the committee includes representatives from Africa, Australia, Russia, and the United States. The Task Force will study possibilities for global cooperation, and bring recommendations to next summer's ASDAL conference at AUC.

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James White Library, in conjunction with the Seminary, has produced a Basic Theological Bibliography: An Annotated Research and Selection Guide. The bibliography is a cooperative effort between Seminary faculty and librarian Wolfhard Touchard, who is the editor. Adventists have not published a similar work since Kubo's 1977 Theological Bibliography: Basic Books for the Minister's Library, and this new bibliography will help pastors select from the many books published since then.

The inclusion of classification and Library of Congress subject headings will enable researchers with access to an academic library to go directly to the shelves or to begin a computer search, saving precious time at the public catalog. The feature will also help librarians in many schools outside North America, where there is no ready access to cataloging information.

Cost of the Basic Theological Bibliography is US$6.00, payable in advance. The price includes surface postage for anywhere in the world. To order a copy, contact Wolfhard Touchard, extension 6263.

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The newest office in James White Library is being set up to house a program called SAIL: Services to Adventist Institutional Libraries.

For many years, James White Library has given help to libraries outside North America--help in selecting library books, in placing orders for books and periodicals, in preparing core lists of reference materials, in establishing library standards for third world institutions, and in providing on-site consultation and assistance. Andrews affiliated schools have been special beneficiaries of these types of assistance.

But the library's assistance has been sporadic, and lacked an organized program. SAIL will remedy this lack. It will provide an organized and efficient means of meeting the needs of overseas schools. Central to the SAIL program is an acquisitions service whereby James White Library will use its vendor discount arrangements to purchase books for foreign schools, and ship them with full cataloging information at no more than the list prices of the items.

The SAIL proposal was presented to affiliated college presidents meeting at Newbold College this past summer, and was enthusiastically received. Several institutions have already taken out membership. A regular newsletter will keep libraries in touch with the service, publish short "how to" articles, and distribute lists of duplicate items.

SAIL is being managed by Dan Drazen, whose primary appointment is editor of the Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index. In exchange for his time involvement with SAIL, Dan will receive student work support which the Index has needed for some time.

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Contributors to this issue of UNCLASSIFIED are Harvey Brenneise, Keith Clouten, Cynthia Helms, and Wolfhard Touchard

Editor: Wanda Cantrell

UNCLASSIFIED is edited and produced by the James White Library Director's Office. Published in January, February, April, May, September, October, and November. Items for inclusion should reach the Director's Office by the first working day of the month of publication.

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Revised December 11, 1995