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New series, no. 22 Newsletter of James White Library Spring 1997

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The Mary Jane Mitchell Multimedia Center on the top floor of the James White Library was officially opened on Friday morning, April 25, in a short ceremony. The event was timed to coincide with the 1997 Alumni Homecoming, and so was attended by several alumni as well as faculty, staff and students.

Previously known as the Teaching Materials Center and more recently as The Media Center, or simply "TMC", the Center's mission has recently been re-defined to encompass multimedia software and development. The Multimedia Center (still "TMC") incorporates a Faculty Multimedia Lab where Andrews faculty can develop software to support their own instructional activity. There is also a small computer lab for general patron use.

The re-naming of the Center in honor of Mary Jane Mitchell took place at a plaque unveiling in November 1995, coinciding with Mrs. Mitchell's 80th birthday. She was the James White Library Director for the first twenty years of its existence. At the 1997 Alumni Homecoming banquet, Mrs. Mitchell was honored as an Alumna of the Year.=20

During the April 25 ceremony, Mailen Kootsey, newly appointed Chief Information Officer for Andrews University, spoke about the crucial role of electronic technology in the instructional program. The historical development of the Center was featured in an interview with Mary Jane Mitchell, conducted by TMC director, Jess Oliver. After a ribbon-cutting, attendees saw demonstrations of the Center's new electronic technology, and enjoyed refreshments.


This issue of UNCLASSIFIED features the new James White Library logo as its masthead. Incorporating the Andrews University colors of blue and gold, the logo was chosen from several submitted during a campus-wide competition in 1996. The winning entry designed by a graphic arts major, Frank Rho, features a stylized "J W" tied together by a cross at the apex of the design. The logo is already incorporated in the library's new building directories and will be featured in future JWL publications including patron brochures.


Thanks to the library's participation in ALICE (Adventist Libraries Information Cooperative) and the University's electronic infrastructure, an impressive collection of information databases is now accessible to students, faculty and staff throughout the Andrews campus. Patrons who come to the library building continue to have the maximum access with more than 100 electronic databases at their disposal. However, "beyond the walls", wherever users have either telnet or web access into the campus network, they are able to access dozens of electronic information resources, some including full-text. Among those available across the campus network are these: