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New Series, No. 19 Newsletter of James White Library Summer 1996
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James White Library is currently in the midst of a periodicals use study which, when completed, will guide the librarians in the future development of the periodicals collection. Based on data available from the Innopac system, JeWeL, the study measures the use made of each periodical title, both in-house and through external circulation.

One year ago the library completed a project of bar coding every periodical title. Now, whenever a bound volume or loose issue of a journal is returned to the shelves, its bar code is first scanned using a portable scanner whose contents are periodically up-loaded to the Innopac system. Over a given period of time, it is then possible to review use statistics for each individual periodical title.

When completed later this year, the study will provide a reasonably accurate picture of actual use made of each periodical title. Librarians will be able to identify low-use titles which can then be considered for cancellation or substituted for electronic access on a "just-in-time" scenario. Money saved through cancellation of little-used periodicals can then be available for the addition of new journals which are more relevant to present needs of faculty and students. This will relax the present moratorium on all orders for new periodicals.

In order to gather data which is as accurate as possible, users including faculty are encouraged not to re-shelve periodicals which they have read or browsed. Instead, the items should be left on a table, carrel, or book truck so that they are properly scanned before staff re-shelve them.


After months of discussion and preparatory work, the Association of Seventh-day Adventist Librarians has given birth to ALICE, the Adventist Libraries Information Cooperative. This new organization is a consortium formed to increase the database purchasing power of SDA college and university libraries. The beneficiaries will be the students and faculty of member institutions who will enjoy improved access to more information.

ALICE came into existence September 1 with ten North American libraries as inaugural members. The consortium, however, is not limited to North American institutions, and already a handful of overseas schools have indicated a readiness and willingness to join the co-op. Ultimately, ALICE may become a global network of Adventist libraries enjoying reduced database subscription prices and providing enhanced services to their users.

Already ALICE has a governing Council, with Keith Clouten of Andrews University elected as chair. A previously appointed ASDAL Committee on Cooperative Access, chaired by Harvey Brenneise, will become the Projects Management Committee of ALICE. That committee has already accomplished a great deal of negotiation with database vendors and undertaken the rather daunting task of producing agreement among libraries in regard to database and vendor choices.

One of the first actions of ALICE is expected to be the selection of a major electronic periodical index with full-text access to nearly one thousand journals. If the majority of member libraries can agree on this important choice, we will be able to present to our users a level of electronic access which we could not afford if the individual institutions were attempting to do it on their own.


Kathleen Demsky, director of the Architecture Resource Center, is the recipient of the 1996 award of EDRA, the Environmental Design Research Association. This special award was presented at the 1996 annual conference of EDRA held this past June at Salt Lake City, Utah. Part of the award citation reads as follows:

"In addition to managing the book display at the conference, Ms. Demsky is continually in contact with publishers to continue building the collection. Furthermore, she is always available to consult with EDRA members to visit the library in Michigan to use these books. In all of our dealings with Ms. Demsky, we have always found her to be extremely generous with her time and knowledge.

Managing the collection and making the book display available to conferees truly represent services to EDRA worthy of recognition, and we are pleased to be able to give the EDRA 1996 Service Award to Kathy Demsky for her contribution."


If you missed us during this past summer, it's because we were sharpening up our minds or sharing our expertise at various conferences or institutions. In brief:

Both Sallie Alger and Harvey Brenneise attended the 15th Annual ASDAL Conference at Columbia Union College, June 30-July 4, and following that, the American Library Association Conference in New York City. Harvey made a presentation on organization of web pages at the ASDAL meeting.

Keith Clouten also attended the ASDAL Conference, then flew to Jamaica to do a library consultation visit for West Indies College. During August, he spent a week on the campus of the Adventist University in Peru, again preparing a report and plan for library development.

Kathy Demsky attended the annual conference of EDRA at Salt Lake City, where she organized and presented the annual EDRA book display.

Warren Johns traveled to Denver for the annual conference of ATLA, the American Theological Library Association.

Jess Oliver traveled to Michigan State University for a conference on the "Multimedia for Language Learning" workshop.

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Editor: Wanda Cantrell

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Revised October 29, 1996