Responses to: What one thing can be done to improve the James White Library?

Open more hours

We also would like the library to be open more hours. Unfortunately there is this thing called a budget. You my have noticed that we depend very heavily upon our student workers. There is a direct correlation between our student labor costs and the hours we are open. "Higher Powers" have been decreasing our budget for student labor for several years. Combine that with a general increase in hourly rates due to increased skills and length of service. The minimum wage is also a factor. We are currently in a situation where our current hours are more than the student labor budget will allow. Higher Powers say to "meet your budget". They also say "don't cut your hours". This is the proverbial "caught between the rock and a hard place". If we were to meet our budget the library would be open about three hours _less_ per day. We use holidays and breaks to close the library and alleviate pressure on the student labor budget.

Allow game playing on the computers

Experience has shown that gamers (especially from high school and grade school) would take over many if not most of the computers. With our limited number of computers and limited space we do not want to give up any computers for gaming. If you feel you must play games in the library bring your own computer.

Larger variety of leisure reading books

I suspect this refers to the General Reading area. The General Reading area is just a sample of the general/leisure reading materials. that we have available. Due to space limitations not all general/leisure reading materials are in the General Reading area. Use the catalog to find more or ask a librarian. Note that we have many ebooks available via the Internet.

Make sure all lights are working. Example third floor on the Chan Shun side of the building

This has been sent to the Building Manager. You may send any such notes directly to the Building Manager anytime you see something that needs to be fixed. We have noticed that there other lights on the third floor that are out.

Plant Service is supposed to be here 4 hours a week working on them, but not with very much success.

Bathroom on the first floor

That would be a major renovation. Something far beyond what current budgets allow. And where are on the first floor would it be placed?

Have an open space where students can discuss, read, and study together

The Multimedia Center is available for group study. Chairs and tables may be arranged as needed to facilitate groups. An area with a white board is also available for group study. The beanbag chairs are easy to move and are _very_ comfortable. We only ask that the sound level be kept to a level that is not excessive.

Make the website look more modern

Not sure how to respond to this. Photo? Colors? Design?

One of our design principles is to acknowledge that about half of our website users are on dial-up and the pages are designed with that in mind. Thus, pages are designed to be fast loading with a minium of images and code. Further: No navigation link can depend on the presence of an image.

For example our opening page has one image. This is loaded only once for the library's website of over 2,200 pages. We test our pages with Dr Watson for download times. Our splash page loads in 3.5 seconds. Compare to the university splash page of 27.7 seconds. (Both speeds assume 56k connection speed.)

For more specificity this is our next Question of the Week.

Take the JK Rowling quote off your James white Library Website!!

The quote referred to is in the rotation for the time-out screen and was displayed on Feb 17 the same date this note was sent. The quote is "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends"..

This objection (demand?) has come up before and possibly from the same person.. The objection has always been the source, not the quote.

We have quotes from a wide range of sources. Including: Groucho Marx, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Carlos Santana, the Koran, and many more. Probably many that you have never heard of. If you don't know the source than is it OK?

The criteria for inclusion is not the source, but the quote. If it is deemed worth while, makes you think, or makes your smile _and_ think then it is included irregardless of the source.

If we removed quotes when someone objected to the source then there would not be any quotes. Yes, there are some that would object to quotes from the Bible

Perhaps, because of this particular quote we decline to remove it.

More study rooms

We have currently have three group study rooms. Space limitations prevent adding more. See the response above about open study areas.

Note that continued acquisitions of materials make shelf space crowded. Rather that increase shelf space (and decrease study space) we are actively moving older unused material to off-site storage. We currently have over 8,000 items stored off-site to make room. And there is that budget thing again. And where would we put additional study rooms?

There is a long term plan to add an Automated Retrieval System to the library and place as much has half the current stacks in it. The building would be remodeled, updated, and provide room for study areas, more closed carrels, and maybe a couple of restrooms on the main floor. This plan is part of the fund-raising currently being done by the University.

How to download Turabian

We are looking into this.

Quiet the loud talking in the front desk area

The message has been forwarded to the Circulation Manager.

Allow eating in more areas of the library

We already have a rodent/insect problem in the library because of bits of food that are left in some areas. We have looked at creating a cafe area in the library but have not made it reality. You can guess why. Yeah, that budget thing again.


Agreed. Hopefully, the library has had a part in making that happen.

Thank you for all that you do!

You are welcome. It is appreciated.