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SAIL can order and purchase books from several suppliers, including one or two deep-discount book distributors. The savings, which can range up to 40%, are passed on to member libraries.**

This service meets a real need for libraries in countries where it is difficult to establish credit with US book publishers and suppliers. Some libraries have reported that in many cases it less than three months to receive books from the SAIL office compared to as long is 18 to 24 months when they use other methods.


SAIL is able to purchase periodicals at US subscription rates (no discount available). ** Our service may include placing orders, payment, check-in, renewals, claiming of missing issues, and bulk mailing of bulk mailing of journals to libraries. this service can fulfill a need for schools that do not have reliable postal service regarding journals, or do not want to deal with the details of subscription ordering.


Books, textbooks and other materials are collected from generous donors and cataloged in a Free Books List which is sent to member libraries for selection on a quarterly basis. only materials our members select will be sent. These items are sent free of charge--the only cost is for postage. W use the United States Postal Service's flat rate boxes, usually as they are the cheapest option.**

Free Book List

UpdatedOctober 13, 2014