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Senseman Collection

NA7127 .A576 1936 SRBC The Architectural Forum The 1936 book of small houses / by the editors of the Architectural Forum
NK600 .E73 SRBC Estrin, Michael, comp 2,000 designs, forms and ornaments; an album that represents the entire range of ornament from prehistoric times until the present
SRBC NA 11 .A4 S3 Saylor, Henry H. (Henry Hodgman), b. 1880 The A.I.A.'s first hundred years
SRBC TH 425 .A25 Adams, Myron Whitlock, 1892- A62 guide for modular coordination; a guide to assist architects and engineers in applying modular coordination to building plans and details, by Myron W. Adams and Prentice Bradley. Prepared under the direction of American standards association Project A62, sponsored by the American institute of architects and the Producers' council, inc
SRBC NA 2840 .L354 Langley, Batty, 1696-1751 Abstract of text from Builders' jewel and Builders' chest-book (London, 1746) [by] Batty [and Thomas] Langley
SRBC T 55 .N3 1964 National Safety Council Accident prevention manual for industrial operations
SRBC LB 3235 .H44 Herman, Jerry John, 1930- Administrator's guide to school construction, remodeling, and maintenance / Jerry J. Herman, Robert Hirsekorn
SRBC NK 5304 .C6 Connick, Charles Jay, 1875- Adventures in light and color : an introduction to the stained glass craft / by Charles J. Connick ; foreword by Charles D. Maginnis
SRBC NA 735 .N5 A78 American Institute of Architects. New York Chapter AIA guide to New York City / [edited by Norval White and Elliot Willensky]
SRBC TA 480 .A6 A6 1950 Aluminum Company of America Alcoa structural handbook / Aluminum Company of America
SRBC DG 63 .B93 Buhlmann, J. (Josef), 1844-1921 Das alte Rom mit dem triumphzuge Kaiser Constantin's im jahre 312 n. Chr
TR1 .A55 SRBC The American annual of photography
SRBC RA 963 .S8 1928 Stevens, Edward F. (Edward Fletcher), 1860-1946 The American hospital of the Twentieth Century : a treatise on the development of medical institutions, both in Europe and in America, since the beginning of the present century / By Edward F. Stevens
SRBC HD 9715 .U52 T9 1944 Twentieth Century Fund. Housing Committee American housing : problems and prospects : the factual findings / by Miles L. Colean. The program / by the Housing committee
SRBC NA 735 .A83 A55 1975 American Institute of Architects. Atlanta Chapter The American Institute of Architects guide to Atlanta / editor, Kermit B. Marsh ; associate editors, Jon Carlsten, James Mount
LB3205 .A5 SRBC The American school and university; educational purchasing guide and plant reference
NA5212 .B55 SRBC Blake, Peter, 1920- ed An American synagogue for today and tomorrow : a guide book to synagogue design and construction
SRBC NA 963 .D6 Dollman, Francis Thomas, 1812-1899 An analysis of ancient domestic architecture : exhibiting some of the best existing examples in Great Britain, from drawings & measurements taken on the spot / by F. T. Dollman & J. R. Jobbins
NA7238.A4 D3 SRBC Davis, Deering Annapolis houses, 1700-1775 / Foreword by Joseph Mullen
GN51 .C7 1971 SRBC Croney, John Anthropometrics for designers
NA2750 .A6 1973 SRBC American Institute of Architects Architect's handbook of profesional practice / Update chapters
SRBC NA 9 .A67 Architect's year book
SRBC NA 9 .A4 The architectural annual / Architectural League of America
NA2700 .R6 1924 SRBC Rouillion, Louis Architectural details, by Louis Rouillion and Charles George Ramsey
SRBC TH 1611 .B55 1894 Birkmire, Wm. H. (William Harvey), 1860-1924 Architectural iron and steel, and its application in the construction of buildings ... : specification of ironwork, ... tables ... of the properties of beams ... etc. / by Wm. H. Birkmire
SRBC TH 1651 .N38 1947 National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers Architectural metal handbook / Earl P. Baker, Harold S. Langland
SRBC NA 2570 .C6 1949 Cowgill, Clinton Harriman, 1890- Architectural practice, by Clinton Harriman Cowgill and Ben John Small
SRBC NA 1120 .L4 1900 Letarouilly, Paul Marie, 1795-1855 The architectural reprint of Edifices de Rome moderne / Jean Paul Letarouilly
SRBC NA 1137 .B69 Boutron, Felix L'architecture aux pays-bas, par Fx. Boutron
SRBC NA 1046 .P5317 1865 Pfnor, Rodolphe, 1824-1909 Architecture, decoration et ameublement: epoque Louis XVI; dessines et graves d'apres des motifs choisis dans les palais imperiaux, le mobilier de la couronne, les monuments publics et les habitationes privees. Par Rodolphe Pfnor
SRBC NA 1148 .B76 Bromberg, Paul, 1893- Architecture in the Netherlands, by Paul Bromberg
SRBC NA 1111 .R68 Rouches, Gabriel, 1879- L'architecture italienne, par Gabriel Rouches ..
NA9350.W3 C7 SRBC Creighton, Thomas Hawk The architecture of monuments : the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial competition
SRBC NA 680 .K8 Kultermann, Udo Architecture of today; a survey of new building throughout the world. [Translated by E. H. W. Priefert]
SRBC NA 1044 .R72 Rouyer, Eugene, 1827-1891 L'art architectural en France : epoques Henri II, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, et Louis XVI / par Eugene Royer et Alfred Darcel
SRBC NA 3690 .B3 1909 Bankart, George P. (George Percy), b. 1866 The art of the plasterer : an account of the decorative development of the craft, chiefly in England from the XVIth to the XVIIIth century, with chapters on the stucco of the classic period and of the Italian renaissance, also on scraffito, pargeting, Scottish, Irish and modern plasterwork / by George P. Bankart
SRBC TA 455 .A7 A8 Asphalt Institute The asphalt handbook
SRBC TE 270 .A8317 Asphalt Institute Asphalt in pavement maintenance
SRBC TE 270 .A8318 Asphalt Institute Asphalt overlays and pavement rehabilitation
SRBC TE 270 .A86 Asphalt paving manual / Department of Highways, State of Colorado
SRBC TE 270 .A86 Asphalt Institute Asphalt surface treatments and asphalt penetration macadam
SRBC NA 540 .B4 1900 Belcher, John Later renaissance architecture in England : a series of examples of the domestic buildings erected subsequent to the Elizabethan period / John Belcher and Mervyn E. Macartney
SRBC LB 3423 .A2 M3 1953 Martin, W. Edgar Basic body measurements of school age children : a handbook for school officials, architects, and design engineers in planning school buildings, furniture, and equipment / prepared by W. Edgar Martin
SRBC TE 151 .B3 Bituminous construction handbook / Barber-Greene Company
NA124.F6 A33 1987 SRBC Florida. Dept. of Professional Regulation Board of Architecture, chapter 481, part I, rules and roster, November, 1987
SRBC NA 4120 .Z7 1961 Zimmerschied, Gerd Brick as an element in design / [Translated by Peggie Benton
SRBC TN 853 .A85 The Asphalt Institute A brief introduction to asphalt and some of its uses
SRBC TH 435 .J75 Joint Committee on Building Costs Building cost manual; construction costs of 150 different building types, a guide for those engaged in appraising, planning, estimating, financing, construction, and insurance underwriting of the Nation's shelter and work space
SRBC NA 6400 .A69 Buildings for industry
SRBC F 158.5 .B82 Brandt, Francis Burke, 1865-1939 Byways and boulevards in and about historic Philadelphia, by Francis Burke Brandt and Henry Volkmar Gummere, with five original drawings by Frank H. Taylor and more than three hundred illustrations from prints and photographs by Lydia Flagg Gummere, Philip B. Wallace, W.V. Chappell and others ..
SRBC NA 9030 .S45 1942 Sert, Jose Luis, 1902- Can our cities survive? : An ABC of urban problems, their analysis, their solutions; based on the proposals formulated by the C.I.A.M., International congresses for modern architecture, Congres internationaux d'architecture moderne
SRBC TS 280 .K62 Koelble, Frank T Cast iron soil pipe and fittings handbook, compiled and edited by Frank T. Koelble and William T. Hogan, under the direction of the Technical Committee of the Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute
SRBC NA 2440 .B2 1907 Catalogue, exhibition, Architectural Club of Baltimore, 1907 / Peabody Institute Galleries
SRBC NA 2440 .P3 T Square Club Catalogue of the architectural exhibition by the T Square Club
SRBC NA 2440 .W2 Washington Architectural Club Catalogue of the ... exhibition of the Washington Architectural Club in the ..
SRBC NA 11 .B87 1987 Bushong, William A centennial history of the Washington Chapter, the American Institute of Architects, 1887-1987 / by William Bushong, Judith Helm Robinson, Julie Mueller
SRBC HC 106.5 .V4 Vernon, Raymond, 1913- The changing economic function of the central city
SRBC TH 7469 .A2 C5 Chase Brass and Copper Company Chase radiant heating manual
NX440 .L3 SRBC Laurent, Marcel, 1879-1946 Les chefs-d'oeuvre de la sculpture et de l'architecture, depuis l'antiquite a nos jours / par Marcel Laurent et Willem van der Pluym
NA4821.C5 F4 1946 SRBC Faulkner, Charles Draper Christian science church edifices / by Charles Draper Faulkner
NA4890 .M4 1965 SRBC Methodist Church (United States) Dept. of Architecture Church School Planning / Prepared by the staff of the Dept. of Architecture
SRBC BV 150 .W4 1938 Webber, Frederick Roth, 1887-1963 Church symbolism; an explanation of the more important symbols of the Old and New Testament, the primitive, the mediaeval and the modern church [by] F. R. Webber; introduction by Ralph Adams Cram ..
NA4600 .T55 SRBC Thiry, Paul, 1904- Churches & temples, by Paul Thiry, Richard M. Bennett, and Henry L. Kamphoefner. Illus. in Historical preface and Protestant church sections by Duncan R. Stuart
NA2540 .A65 SRBC Aronin, Jeffrey Ellis, 1927- Climate & architecture
NA7238.P5 W3 1931 SRBC Wallace, Philip B Colonial houses, Philadelphia, pre-revolutionary period / by Philip B. Wallace; with measured drawings by M. Luther Miller; introduction by Joseph Hergesheimer
NA735.C64 C64 1980 SRBC Columbus, Indiana, a look at architecture
NA6210 .A7 SRBC Architectural Record Commercial buildings
SRBC NK 2110 .D4 Derieux, Mary, 1886- The complete book of interior decorating, by Mary Derieux and Isabelle Stevenson
LB3221 .E53 SRBC Engelhardt, Nickolaus Louis, 1907- Complete guide for planning new schools [by] Nickolaus L. Engelhardt
KFM1658.Z9 H6 1977 SRBC Howard County (Md.). Zoning Board Comprehensive zoning plan for Howard County, Maryland as adopted by the Zoning Board
SRBC NA 4125 .P6 Portland Cement Association Concrete in architecture
SRBC TA 439 .U5 United States. Bureau of Reclamation Concrete manual; a manual for the control of concrete construction
SRBC NA 4125 .C6 Collins, Peter, 1920- Concrete: the vision of a new architecture; a study of Auguste Perret and his precursors
SRBC NB 212 .B75 Brumme, C. Ludwig, 1910- Contemporary American sculpture. Foreword by William Zorach
NA6220 .N5 1946 SRBC Nicholson, Emrich, 1913- Contemporary shops in the United States, by Emrich Nicholson, with a foreword by George Nelson
SRBC NA 21 .A44 1948 American Institute of Architects. Dept. of Education and Research Convention seminars, addresses and discussions on aesthetics, urban planning dwellings, retail business buildings, modular design. Comp. and ed. by Walter A. Taylor
NA1041 .L33 SRBC Laprade, Albert Croquis / Albert Laprade
SRBC LB 3243 .P3 Paul, Hugh Whiting, 1897- Daylight in school classrooms; detailed performance data on a light-directional fenestration for school classrooms, and a simple formula and tables for calculating task brightness in any part of the classroom for any hour of the day and any sky condition--bright or overcast--for any of the four principal room orientations and for any location in the United States
SRBC F 73.44 .R83 1914 Rossiter, William Sidney, 1861-1929 Days and ways in old Boston. Drawings by Malcolm Fraser and Jacques Reich
NA6220 .A72 SRBC Architectural Record Design for modern merchandising: stores, shopping centers, showrooms
SRBC LB 2809 .C3 S8 Strayer, George D. (George Drayton), b. 1876 A design for the administration of public education, with particular applications to California
SRBC RA 966 .R67 1986 Rostenberg, Bill Design planning for freestanding ambulatory care facilities : a primer for health care providers and architects / Bill Rostenberg
SRBC NA 997 .G443 A33 1909 Gibbs, James, 1682-1754 Designs of buildings and ornaments / by James Gibbs
SRBC NA 707 .J35 Jackson, Joseph, 1867-1946 Development of American architecture, 1783-1830, by Joseph Jackson ..
SRBC TA 450 .B69 Boyd, Robert Allen, 1901- The development of prismatic glass block and the Daylighting laboratory ..
SRBC R 728 .K5 Kirk, Paul Hayden Doctors' offices & clinics, medical & dental [by] Paul Hayden Kirk [and] Eugene D. Sternberg
SRBC TE 270 .D73 Asphalt Institute Drainage of asphalt pavement structures
SRBC NA 7235 .N7 R43 Reynolds, Helen Wilkinson Dutchess county doorways, and other examples of period-work in wood, 1730-1830, with accounts of houses, places and people, by Helen Wilkinson Reynolds; photography by Margaret DeM. Brown
SRBC NA 3010 .F7 1937 Frary, I. T. (Ihna Thayer), b. 1873- Early American doorways / by I.T. Frary
SRBC LB 3205 .H3 Handler, A. Benjamin, 1911- Economic planning for better schools; a study of how to use available resources to best advantage--through capital budgeting--in meeting the changing needs of education. College of Architecture and Design, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
SRBC NA 1120 .L4 1860 Letarouilly, Paul Marie, 1795-1855 Edifices de Rome moderne : ou, Recueil des palais, maisons, eglises, couvents, et autres monuments publics et particuliers les plus remarquables de la ville de Rome, dessines, mesures et publies / par P. Le Tarouilly
SRBC NA 2520 .G8 Guadet, J Elements et theorie de l'architecture : cours professe a l'Ecole nationale et speciale des beaux-arts / par J. Guadet
SRBC NA 2520 .G8 1905 Guadet, Julien, 1834-1908 Elements et theorie de l'architecture; cours professe a l'Ecole nationale et speciale des beaux-arts, par J. Guadet ..
SRBC NA 2520 .G93 Gwilt, Joseph, 1784-1863 An encyclopaedia of architecture, historical, theoretical, & practical. By Joseph Gwilt ... Illustrated with more than eleven hundred engravings on wood by R. Branston from drawings by John Sebastian Gwilt. Rev., with alterations and considerable additions, by Wyatt Papworth ... Additionally illustrated with nearly four hundred engravings on wood by O. Jewitt, and nearly two hundred other illustrations
JK424 .E55 1975 SRBC The Encyclopedia of U. S. government benefits : a complete, practical and convenient guide to United States government benefits available to the people of America / Written by a group of government experts; edited by Roy A. Grisham, Jr., and Paul D. McGonaughy
NB1800 .N3 SRBC National Sculpture Society (U.S.) Enduring memory : in stone, in metal, in beauty
SRBC NA 5461 .C738 1907 Cox, J. Charles (John Charles), 1843-1919 English church furniture / by J. Charles Cox and Alfred Harvey
SRBC TH 4311 .E57 Entscheidung zur Form : Monographie eines Baues : [Automobilfabrik BMW in Munchen / Texte, Peter M. Bode ... et al. ; Einf., Karl Schwanzer ; Textbearb. u. Red., Peter M[athis] Bode]
SRBC LB 3205 .U55 United States. Public Health Service. Division of Environmental Engineering and Food Protection Environmental engineering for the school; a manual of recommended practice. A joint publication of Public Health Service, Division of Environmental Engineering and Food Protection, General Engineering Branch [and] Office of Education, Division of State and Local School Systems, School Administration Branch
SRBC TN 970 .E73 The eternally young granite
SRBC SB 465 .B87 Brown, Glenn, 1854-1932 European and Japanese gardens; papers read before the American Institute of Architects ... ed. for the American Institute of Architects by Glenn Brown, secretary
T21 .E95 SRBC Everything and the kitchen sink : how the first century of industry created our first century of good living / [Planning and illus.: Felix B. Streyckmans. Text: Philip Lesly. Company research: Donald J. Quinn
SRBC NA 737 .S66 A3 Stone, Edward Durell The evolution of an architect
SRBC F 499 .C543 Z56 Zink, Lawrence Fascinating spirited Cincinnati / photographed and designed by Lawrence Zink ; text by Dick Perry
NA7560 .A7 SRBC Artaria, Paul Ferien- und Landhauser.: Weekend- and country-houses
SRBC NA 1996 .A73 1971 CLM/Systems, Inc Financial management for architectural firms : a manual for computer users / prepared for the American Institute of Architects by CLM/ Systems
NA1193 .N45 1954a SRBC Neuenschwander, Eduard, 1924- Finnish architecture : and Alvar Aalto / [by] Ed. and Cl. Neuenschwander
SRBC NA 950 .T84 v.3 no.5 Poor, Alfred Easton, 1899-1988 Formal design in minor French buildings. Text by Alfred Easton Poor
SRBC NA 737 .W7 F72 1969 Frank Lloyd Wright Festival / Oak Park-River Forest, Ill. [Editor: Warren Sanderson
SRBC DC 20 .H7 Hurlimann, Martin, 1897- Frankreich : Baukunst, Landschaft und Volksleben / Martin Hurlimann ; mit einer einleitung von Paul Valery
KFX1447.A35 F7 1938 SRBC Frederick (Md.) Laws, etc|Frederick City code charter and ordinances of the mayor and aldermen of Frederick, Frederick, Maryland / compiled by Edward J. Smith
SRBC NA 950 .T84 v.3 no.1 Goodwin, Philip Lippincott, 1885-1958 French architecture as source material. Text by Philip L. Goodwin
SRBC NA 445 .B7 Bond, Francis, d. 1918 Gothic architecture in England; an analysis of the origin & development of English church architecture from the Norman conquest to the dissolution of the monasteries
NA487 .P9 1844 SRBC Pugin, Augustus, 1762-1832 Gothic ornaments, selected from various ancient buildings, both in England and France, during the years 1828, 1829, and 1930: by Augustus Pugin ... exhibiting numerous specimens of every description of decorative detail, from the eleventh to the beginning of the sixteenth century. Drawn on stone by J. D. Harding, esq., or executed under his superintendence
TH5401 .M23 SRBC McGarvey, George A. (George Albert), 1881- Granite cutting : an analysis of the granite cutter's trade, together with specimen instruction material for use of apprentices and journeymen workers. / By G. A. McGarvey and H. H. Sherman. Reprinted 1938. United States Department of the interior, Harold L. Ickes, secretary. Office of education, J. W. Studebaker, commissioner
SRBC NA 2817 .M354 1910 Mauch, Johann Matthaus von, 1792-1856 The Greek and Roman orders [by] J. M. Mauch. Architectural reprint edition with description of each plate translated into English by E. R. A. Litzau
SRBC NA 7328 .G7 Gotch, John Alfred, 1852-1942 The growth of the English house; a short history of its architectural development from 1100 to 1800, by J. Alfred Gotch
SRBC LB 3205 .N3 1958 National Council on Schoolhouse Construction Guide for planning school plants / Research and Publications Committee, Lloyd Waite...[et al.]
LB3218.N4 A4 SRBC New Hampshire. State Dept. of Education Guide for planning the construction of school buildings
SRBC TN 775 .A558 1961 Aluminum Company of Canada Handbook of aluminum
SRBC NA 2570 .A6 1943 American Institute of Architects The handbook of architectural practice
SRBC NA 2570 .A6 1927 American Institute of Architects The handbook of architectural practice
HV8805 .U53 1949 SRBC United States. Bureau of Prisons Handbook of correctional institution design and construction; a source book for planning and construction of institutions ranging in type from the small jail and short term detention facilities for juvenile delinquents to the maximum security type of institution
NK1530 .H28 SRBC Handbook of designs and motifs : nearly 7,000 designs, motifs, patterns, forms and symbols based on Japanese family crests / Introd. by P.K. Thomajan
SRBC NA 7351 .D3 K6 1926 Koch, Alex. (Alexander), 1860-1939, ed Das Haus eines kunstfreundes : haus Alexander Koch, Darmstadt
SRBC NA 707 .H45 1941 Historic American Buildings Survey Historic American Buildings Survey : catalog of the measured drawings and photographs of the Survey in the Library of Congress, March 1, 1941 / compiled and edited by Historic American Buildings Survey, National Park Service
NA707 .U5 SRBC United States. National Park Service Historic American Buildings Survey : catalog of the measured drawings and photographs of the survey in the Library of Congress, January 1, 1938. / Compiled and edited by John P. O'Neill, Associate Architect
SRBC F 195 .L79 Lockwood, Mary S. (Mary Smith), 1831-1922 Historic homes in Washington : its noted men and women / by Mary S. Lockwood
SRBC ND 1280 .B95 Burris-Meyer, Elizabeth, 1899- Historical color guide, primitive to modern times, with thirty plates in color, by Elizabeth Burris-Meyer ..
NA200 .S8 SRBC Sturgis, Russell, 1836-1909 A history of architecture / by Russell Sturgis ..
SRBC NA 4600 .S5 1936? Short, Ernest Henry, 1875-1959 A history of religious architecture
SRBC NA 7346 .P2 K7 1909 Krafft, J. C Homes and hotels in Paris : a collection of the best plates from this work / by J.C. Krafft
SRBC RA 967 .A7 Architectural Record Hospitals, clinics, and health centers
SRBC RA 967 .R6 Rosenfield, Isadore Hospitals, integrated design ..
SRBC NA 7348 .P2 G4 1893 Gelis-Didot, Pierre, 1853- Hotels et maisons de Paris; facades et details, releves et dessines par P. Gelis-Didot, avec le concours de Th. Lambert
TH4812 .N38 SRBC National Research Council (U.S.). Building Research Advisory Board Housing systems proposals for operation breakthrough
HD7287.9 .B42 1967 SRBC Beyer, Glenn H Housing the aged in Western countries : programs, dwellings, homes, and geriatric facilities / by Glenn H. Beyer and F. H. J. Nierstrasz
SRBC TK 4161 .I45 1966 Illuminating Engineering Society IES lighting handbook; the standard lighting guide
SRBC NA 5808 .F4 Fernandez Arenas, Arsenio Iglesias nuevas en Espana
SRBC TA 368 .S42 Slattery, William J An index of U.S. voluntary engineering standards; covering those standards, specifications, test methods, and recommended practices issued by national standardization organizations in the United States. William J. Slattery, editor
NA6400 .A7 SRBC Architectural Record Industrial buildings; the architectural record of a decade, compiled by Kenneth Reid
SRBC TA 190 .B8 1902 Byrne, Austin T. (Austin Thomas), b. 1859 Inspection of the materials and workmanship employed in construction. A reference book for the use of inspectors, superintendents, and others engaged in the construction of public and private works ... By Austin T. Byrne ..
SRBC NK 2195 .O4 G7 Green, Lois Wagner, comp Interiors book of offices, edited, with introd
SRBC TA 12 .I57 International engineering directory
SRBC NA 440 .P3 1884 Parker, John Henry, 1806-1884 An introduction to the study of Gothic architecture
NB249.B65 R62 SRBC Bonet, Jordi, 1932- Jordi Bonet / Guy Robert ; [English translation by Donald J. Bryant]
SRBC N 6549 .M35 F6 Folch Ribas, Jacques E Jordi Bonet; le signe et la terre [par] Jacques Folch-Ribas. Jordi Bonet; the sign and the earth
NK1652.6 .H44 1954 SRBC Henze, Anton Kirchliche Kunst der Gegenwart / Unter Mitarbeit von Theodor Filthaut
SRBC NA 7110 .M8 1907 Muthesius, Hermann, 1861-1927 Landhaus und garten, beispiele neuzeitlicher landhauser nebst grundrissen, innenraumen und garten, mit einleitendem text, hrsg. von Hermann Muthesius
SRBC SB 477 .S33 K44 Kelly, Kathleen, 1942- Landscaping the Saudi Arabian desert / Kathleen Kelly, R. T. Schnadelbach
KFX1447.A35 F7 1938 SRBC Frederick (Md.) Laws, etc|Frederick City code charter and ordinances of the mayor and aldermen of Frederick, Frederick, Maryland / compiled by Edward J. Smith
SRBC NA 4050 .I5 G7 1960 Gray, Nicolette Mary Binyon, 1911- Lettering on buildings
TH7725 .K6 1959 SRBC Kohler, Walter, writer on electric lighting Lighting in architecture = (Lichtarchitektur-Architecture in light) : Light and color as stereoplastic elements. By Walter Kohler. Pictorial narrative conceived and arranged by Wassili Luckhardt. [Translated from the German by Bertrand Languages, inc.]
SRBC HF 5686 .A7 A5 American Institute of Architects Manual of accounting for architects, by the American institute of architects
SRBC NA 415 .M6 Monumentos arquitectonicos de Espana Masterpieces of Spanish architecture, Romanesque and allied styles : one hundred plates from Monumentos arquitectonicos de Espana ; with text by John V. Van Pelt ..
SRBC TH 6010 .G3 1955 Gay, Charles Merrick, 1871-1951 Mechanical and electrical equipment for buildings [by] the late Charles Merrick Gay ..
SRBC N 611 .C63 1951 Rorimer, James Joseph, 1905-1966 The Metropolitan Museum of Art: the cloisters; the building and the collection of mediaeval art in Fort Tryon Park
SRBC TA 443 .A7 A76 Asphalt Institute Mix design methods for asphalt concrete and other hot-mix types
SRBC NA 7558 .B7 H3 Harvey, William Alexander The model village and its cottages: Bournville; illustrated by fifty-seven plates of plans, views & details, by W. Alexander Harvey ..
SRBC TH 4516 .R6 Roycraft, Duane Francis, 1915- Modern industrial construction, a detail reference
QC23 .D9 1939 SRBC Dull, Charles Elwood, 1878-1947 Modern physics / Charles E. Dull
SRBC LB 3205 .S6 Stillman, Cecil George The modern school, by C.G. Stillman and R. Castle Cleary
LB3325.M3 S4 SRBC Modern school shop planning : containing plans, specifications, pointers, and examples of new school shops, gathered from authoritative sources throughout the United States
SRBC NA 6253 .L8 P3 1869 Dardel, Rene, 1796-1871 Monographie du Palais du commerce eleve a Lyon / par Rene Dardel
SRBC HC 107 .M6 W3 Wainright, Ramsey, and Lancaster Montgomery County, Maryland; a study of the economy, governmental organization, and the finances of the county with an analysis of the probable effects of the county's improvement program. Also a study of the utility services rendered by and the operations and finances of the Washington Suburban Sanitary District
ND497.F55 P3 SRBC Palmer, Arnold More than shadows : a biography of W. Russell Flint, R.A., P.R.W.S. / with 136 illustrations of his works. By Arnold Palmer
SRBC NA 1044 .D19 Daly, Cesar, 1811-1893 Motifs historiques d'architecture et de sculpture d'ornement, du commencement de la renaissance a la fin de Louis XVI. Par Cesar Daly
MT10.M93 R3 no.17 SRBC Best, Clarence J Music rooms and equipment
NA968 .M5 1953 SRBC Mills, Edward David The new architecture in Great Britain, 1946-1953 / With a foreword by Sir William Holford
SRBC NA 4800 .B7 Brunner, Edmund de Schweinitz, 1889- The new country church building; by Edmund de Schweinitz Brunner ..
SRBC TA 684 .A43 American Iron and Steel Institute. Committee of Stainless Steel Producers New horizons in architecture with stainless steel
LB3221 .R6 1950 SRBC Roth, Alfred, 1903- The new school : Das Neue Schulhaus. La nouvelle ecole
SRBC LB 3221 .R6 1958 Roth, Alfred, 1903- The new school. Das neue Schulhaus. La nouvelle ecole
NB235.N5 F75 1976 SRBC Fried, Frederick New York civic sculpture : a pictorial guide / text by Frederick Fried ; photos. by Edmund V. Gillon, Jr
SRBC NA 997 .H3 G6 Goodhart-Rendel, H. S. (Harry Stuart), b. 1887 Nicholas Hawksmoor, by H.S. Goodhart-Rendel, with 35 illustrations from photographs by F.R. Yerbury
NA737.B43 S8 1953 SRBC Belluschi, Pietro, 1899- The Northwest architecture of Pietro Belluschi / edited by Jo Stubblebine
SRBC NA 961 .P4 1958 Penoyre, John, 1870- The observer's book of architecture / written and illustrated by John Penoyre and Michael Ryan ; foreword by F.R.S. Yorke
HD257 .S6 SRBC Shultz, Earle Offices in the sky / by Earle Shultz and Walter Simmons. Foreword by Clarence B. Randall
NA746.Q4 T78 SRBC Traquair, Ramsay, 1874-1952 The old architecture of Quebec; a study of the buildings erected in New France from the earliest explorers to the middle of the nineteenth century
NK8249 .F713 1950 SRBC Frank, Edgar Block, 1882- Old French ironwork : the craftsman and his art / Edgar B. Frank
SRBC NK 2529 .R7 Roe, Fred Old oak furniture
SRBC TH 1091 .L6 Los Angeles (Calif.). Fire Dept Operation school burning; official report on a series of school fire tests conducted April 16, 1959, to June 30, 1959
SRBC NB 235 .W3 G66 Goode, James M The outdoor sculpture of Washington, D.C. A comprehensive historical guide [by] James M. Goode
NA2812 .N7 1928 SRBC Normand, Charles Pierre Joseph, 1765-1840 A parallel of the orders of architecture, Greek and Roman by Charles Normand
SRBC TA 683.7 .P74 Prestressed Concrete Institute PCI design handbook; precast and prestressed concrete
HT168.W27 P41 1974 SRBC Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation The Pennsylvania Avenue plan, 1974 / Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation
NA9127.W2 A54 1964 SRBC President's Council on Pennsylvania Avenue (U.S.) Pennsylvania Avenue; report
SRBC NK 8360 .G6 Gould, George Glen Period lighting fixtures, by Mr. & Mrs. G. Glen Gould ..
SRBC QA 531 .R52 Rider, Paul Reece, 1888- Plane and spherical trigonometry : with tables / by Paul R. Rider
SRBC QA 455 .A96 1945 Avery, Royal A Plane geometry
SRBC QA 533 .W5 1902 Wentworth, G. A. (George Albert), 1835-1906 Plane trigonometry and tables / by George Wentworth
SRBC LB 3205 .S67 Stoneman, Merle A Planning and modernizing the school plant [by] Merle A. Stoneman, Knute O. Broady [and] Alanson D. Brainard
SRBC LB 1044.7 .C45 1968 Dave Chapman inc., Chicago Planning for schools with television; design for ETV. Prepared for Educational Facilities Laboratories. Revised by Frank Carioti
LB3221 .C97 1949 SRBC Cyr, Frank William, 1900- Planning rural community school buildings / prepared under the supervision of Frank W. Cyr and Henry H. Linn ; staff: Kenneth H. Bailey, Warren W. Fabyan, John E. Marshall
TH4511 .M3 SRBC Mallick, Randolph W Plant layout; planning and practice [by] Randolph W. Mallick [and] Armand T. Gaudreau
F270 .S76 1938 SRBC Stoney, Samuel Gaillard, b. 1891 Plantations of the Carolina low country, by Samuel Gaillard Stoney; edited by Albert Simons & Samuel Lapham, Jr., with an introduction by John Mead Howells
N6851.P7 L3 1908 SRBC Labbe de La Mauviniere, H. (Henri) Poitiers & Angouleme, Saint-Savin, Chauvigny / par Henri Labbe de La Mauviniere; ouvrage orne de 113 gravures
NA712 .C6 SRBC Clute, Eugene The practical requirements of modern buildings, by Eugene Clute
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