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Recomending a Purchase
The James White Library currently houses about one million print and microform volumes and is growing.

The following procedures are followed when suggestions are submitted. Library purchases are made following established collection development policies appropriate for an academic library. Suggestions are routed to the proper departmental liaison librarian for consideration. Items not approporate for this collection, for example books on sword making, go karts, and Madonna, are not purchased. However they may be available at a local public library, where students and faculty are welcome to use them. Faculty members are notified of library purchase decisions.

To Request a Book

The library accepts requests from students and faculty. Faculty should indicate their name and department so that the appropriate library fund may be charged. When making a request, please send a "teacher order form" or a marked copy of the publisher's flyer or catalog to the library.

The library does not accept books or other materials that faculty have ordered individually unless they are gifts. All book orders must be processed by the library order department from the beginning of the order process. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

To Request a Journal

Because of budget limitations, the library is currently not accepting requests for new journals unless there are cancellations of other journals of equal value.

To Request Electronic and/or Other Media

The library orders a wide variety of computer products, videotapes, and other media. In some cases these require special hardware and service arrangements. It is helpful to discuss these requests with the appropriate library department. Requests for audiovisual material should be directed to the Media Center, and for reference dababases to the Department of Information Services.

Reports to Academic Departments and Selectors

Each month the library sends several reports on the status of new book requests. The academic departments (chairs and departmental library representatives and anyone else in a department who requests it) receive via e-mail a fund report with current status as to books ordered and paid for, and funds remaining. Individual selectors may receive two reports: one gives information on materials received, cataloged and ready for use; the other is for books on order, including their status--received and being processed, on order, or entered in the system but waiting for the release of funding for their purchase.

Updated August 21, 2014