SDA Union List of Journal Titles

This is the first page of list of journal titles accessable through the various Seventh-day Adventist libraries. At the beginning and end of each page is a hot-linked alphabet to use as an index to the title pages.
Each title is marked with a code designating where it can be found.

AU - Andrews University (updated June, 2003)
AUC - Atlantic Union College (updated August, 2003)
AVON - Avondale College (updated Summer 2000)
CAUC - Canadian University College (updated August, 2003)
FHCHS - Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences(updated July, 2003)
LAPL - Universidad Adventista del Plata (updated June, 2003)
PUC - Pacific Union College (updated August, 2003)
SAU - Southern Adventist University (updated June, 2003)
SWAU - SouthWestern Adventist University (updated Summer 2000)
UC - Union College (updated August, 2003)
WWC - Walla Walla College (updated June, 2003)

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WWC $10 Church investment report \ Maranatha Volunteers International ->no.3(Aug. 2000)- (in storage)
UC 1888 GLAD TIDINGS. 1998- ->1998-
UC 1888 MESSAGE NEWSLETTER. 1985-97. ->1985-97
WWC 1888 Message newsletter ->"v.3:2(April, 1987)- (In storage)"
AVON 19th century music. -- S780.9034 NIN ->Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 1977) - Vol. 10, no. 2 (Fall 1986)
AUC 19th Century Music ->
AVON The 21st century gardener. -- S635.048 TWE ->Vol. 1, no. 1 (1987) - Vol. 8, no. 3 (1995)
AU 3ABN radio monthly program guide / Three Angels Broadcasting Network ->1995,1998-
AU 3ABN television program preview / Three Angels Broadcasting Network ->2001-
WWC 3D artist ->no.34(Aug./Oct. 1998)-47(Jan./Mar. 2002)
SAU 50 Plus ->1981-1988
WWC 55 plus ->(Feb. 1990)-
AU 73 amateur radio today. ->10 years

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