Additional Information and Rights

  • Resources—Both the reporting party and the respondent have the right to be notified of available resources.
  • Educational Resources—The Counseling & Testing Center and the Division of Campus & Student Life provide educational materials and information as well as prevention and risk reduction programs dealing with sexual misconduct, relationship violence, stalking, and discrimination based on sex. On an annual basis education is provided to new students and employees, and ongoing programs are provided periodically for the wider body of students and University employees.
  • Professional Counseling and Support Resources—Students are encouraged to seek professional support from on-campus resources that include Campus Ministries chaplains and counselors at the Counseling & Testing Center in Bell Hall or from a community provider listed above. Note: see section on "Confidentiality, Counseling and Support."
  • Account of Events—Both the reporting party and the respondent have the right to the same opportunities to present their account of events.
  • Advocate—Both the reporting party and the respondent have the right to have a designated advocate of their choice to assist them and be present with them throughout the process. Advocates should be selected from within the University's faculty, emeritus faculty or staff, as long as they are not a relative of either of the parties involved. Advocates may accompany the reporting party or the respondent to any University proceedings. The advocate may not direct questions to or otherwise address the investigative team or the judicial body, however the advocate may consult with the person that they are assisting.
  • Legal Counsel—Both the reporting party and the respondent may elect to seek counsel from an attorney at their own expense; however, in accordance with all University disciplinary processes, attorneys are not permitted to speak or otherwise participate in University proceedings including the judicial processes.
  • Notification of Outcome—Both the reporting party and the respondent have the right to be informed of the outcome, in writing, without undue delay between the notifications to the parties and usually within one business day of the end of the process.
  • Accommodations—A reporting party who reports allegations of Misconduct may request accommodations in academic or work settings, changes in living situations, "No Contact" orders or other responses and support systems designed to help the reporting party cope with the situation and meet their responsibilities. Requests are not "guaranteed," but the University will consider carefully any such requests.
  • Interim Measures—The University may also consider other appropriate interim measures including, but not limited to, academic, class, work, committee or housing reassignments; "No Contact" orders; restrictions on academic or co-curricular activities; campus bans, etc., to facilitate the emotional and physical wellbeing of the parties involved, the broader community and/or the integrity of the investigative and resolution process. Interim measures are for a provisional period of time pending the outcome of an investigation or until a specified condition is met. This action does not assume the respondent has been found responsible for the alleged Misconduct.
  • "No Contact" Order—Once a "No Contact" order has been granted and issued, neither party should attempt in any way to contact or send any type of message, directly or via a third party to the other party.
  • If the reporting party or alleged victim is deceased as a result of such offense, the next-of-kin of such victim shall be treated as the accuser or alleged victim to receive information regarding the outcome or disciplinary disposition.
  • Registered Sex Offender Policy Statement—Information regarding registered sex offenders is provided by the State of Michigan to the public as well as the campus community and can be reviewed at,4643,7-123-1878_24961---,00.html.

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