Investigation and Review

  • The director of Campus Safety is generally appointed to lead the investigation and is usually assisted by the appropriate Title IX Deputy Coordinator for students (if the respondent is a student) or the Title IX Deputy Coordinator for faculty/staff (if the respondent is faculty/staff).
  • According to established practices, the investigation will follow the trail of evidence for the purpose of fact finding and determining if there is a "preponderance of evidence" that the alleged Misconduct (more likely than not) occurred.
  • The investigator(s) will meet in separate settings with the reporting party and the respondent, as well as with other witnesses, and review texts, emails, communications and other documentary evidence to gather facts.
  • Both the reporting party and the respondent have the right to the same opportunities to present their account of events.
  • Both parties will have the opportunity to present questions they would like to be addressed to the other party before a final determination is made. The parties will not be simultaneously present in any proceeding and thus any such questions would be posed by a third party. The investigative report and recommended findings are provided to the Title IX Coordinator who will review the report and findings and determine next steps.
  • A summary of the investigative report will be provided both to the reporting party and to the respondent. Both parties will have the opportunity to review the report and to provide a written response to the investigative summary report if desired.
  • The Title IX Coordinator will direct the report to the appropriate Misconduct and judicial bodies.
  • If the respondent accepts responsibility for the specific charges, he/she may provide the judicial body with a written acceptance of the facts of the allegation. In such cases the Title IX Coordinator may direct the judicial body to convene solely to determine appropriate sanctions.

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