Membership entitles members to the use of all our equipment which includes the following:

Stength Equipment:  Hip abductor/adductor, Rotary Torso, Weigh Assisted Chin-up & Dip, Pectoral Deck, Chest Press,  Lat Pull/Row, Leg Press, & Rowing machine.

Cybex Multi-functional Trainer

Cardiovascular: Cardiopulmonary exercise equipment includes training bikes, Stairmasters, treadmills, and ellipticals.

Free weights: Along with a variety of free-weights and free-weight accessories, LHC provides a wide selection of muscle toning and building equipment. Available are: an incline/decline bench, flat bench, bench press rack, squat rack, neck extension/roman chair, and incline sit up board.  Free weights range from 2-pound to 25-pound dumbbells. Additionally, LHC has Bosu trainers and kettlebells.

Sauna & Jacuzzi: After your workout or difficult day in class, come and relax in LHC's large sauna or 9-person Jacuzzi.

Classes: Classes & schedules change periodically. Check with the LHC receptionist for a schedule of the current available classes.  

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