Please do not plan to check in/out during our Sabbath hours (sunset Friday through sunset Saturday) as our staff will not be available for this service during the Sabbath. 
If you arrive between the hours of 12 midnight and 6 am, please seek overnight accomodations at an area hotel.



Before checking in, and to ensure a smooth process, you must have completed the following processes:

  1. Acceptance to AU
  2. Residence Hall Application
  3. Financial Clearance
    1. Obtain financial clearance before attempting to check in to Meier Hall. For information regarding your financial status, click the financial clearance link or call your financial advisor at 269.471.3334.
  4. Residence Hall Deposit
    1. A room deposit of $250 is required when you apply to live in the men's residence halls. This deposit is refundable after you properly check out and if you don't plan to return to Meier for future semesters. The deposit will be credited to your account upon request made to the Meier Hall Housing Coordinator. Should you decide not to reside in the Men's Residence Halls, and you fail to cancel your room request before the application deadline (approximately 30 days prior to the adacemic term) your deposit if forfeited.
Forms provided at the Meier Hall Main Office must be used to check in and check out. It is the students responsibility to verify the details on the form as indicated by a Resident Adviser, Student Dean or Dean, at the time of check-in/out.


Room changes are not permitted until 2 weeks after the term begins.


We recommend renters insurance for all residents of Meier Hall.


Early arrival or late departure for any reason is by permission only. A daily rate of $21.00 for double occupancy ($31.00 for single occupancy) will be applied for each day beyond the scheduled term.

If you are required to arrive prior to your scheduled check-in time due to work obligations, you must do the following:

  • Schedule your check-in time in advance with the Men’s Housing Coordinator.
  • If your department has offered to reimburse your early arrival daily charges, you must submit your request to your deparment once the charges appear on your statement.
Daily rate charges will apply for all students remaining in the dorm beyond spring term finals, or graduation weekend for graduating students.
If you have additional questions, please contact the Meier Hall Office.


When you check out, everything should be as clean as if you were the last one to leave. Please plan cleaning details with your room/suite mates to avoid fines. Follow the details indicated at the top of this page to check out properly and avoid fines.


Students may stay in the dorm over Christmas break 'free of charge' provided they live in the dorm throughout the following spring term. If you do not continue living in the dorm for spring term, daily rate charges will apply for each day lived in the dorm beyond fall term finals.

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