Pohlmarc Lawrence

Title: Health Club Manager
Alternate Phone: (269) 471-3397


 Pastor Pohlmarc Lawrence currently serves as the Associate Pastor for Youth at the All Nations SDA Church and has served in that capacity since September 2012. He was born on the sunny Island of Jamaica to Collin and Claudette Lawrence. He is the second born of their four boys. His family migrated to the United States when he was four years old, to the City of New York, where he spent the next fourteen years of his life. After graduating from the Bronx High School of Science, Pastor Lawrence attended Andrews University where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology with an Emphasis in Youth Ministries. After completing his undergraduate studies, he served one year as the youth pastor for the Lafayette Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lafayette Indiana. Pastor Lawrence also holds a Masters of Divinity degree with an emphasis in Church Leadership from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University.

     Pastor Lawrence has preached evangelistic campaigns in Zimbabwe and Jamaica, through which over 50 souls were lead to accept Christ as their savior. He has preached for several Youth week of prayers, youth days, and Pathfinder days in New York and in Michigan. He joined the United States Navy in September 2012 and currently serves in the United States Navy as a Chaplain Candidate Program Officer. He has a passion for introducing young people to “The REAL Jesus” and creating an environment in which youth can cultivate a relationship with “The REAL God”. Pastor Lawrence is also currently married to the lovely Jean Lawrence (formerly Jean Luwemba), who has already showed herself to be a VERY capable and effective partner in ministry. He loves the Lord and his ultimate desire is to have the Lord be his partner in everything he does.

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