Water Sports

Surrounded by lakes, rivers, and of course The Lake, Andrews University lies in the middle of a water sports paradise. Within fifteen minutes of campus, you can participate in just about any water sport you’re into—wakeboarding and waterskiing, kite and wind surfing, canoeing and scuba diving. You can also find all the aquatic equipment you need—from jet skis to scuba gear— at the many purchase and rental facilities around Lake Michigan. You can even surf on the Lake in the right season (just don’t forget your wetsuit!), and try your paddle at East Race, the Kayak and Canoe Slalom Olympic Trials course in South Bend, and the first artificial whitewater course in North America. But many students get enough "racing" during the school week, and prefer to unwind to the gentle pace of the beautiful St. Joseph and Dowagiac rivers.

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