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Constituency & Board Briefing Report

Date: October 26, 2005
Phone: 269-471-3322

The members of the Andrews University Corporation met on Sunday, October 16, for their quinquennial session.  The primary business of the meeting, commonly known as the constituency meeting, is for members of the corporation to nominate and elect the Board of Trustees (Board), receive reports from administration, and consider any revisions to the corporation bylaws.

The constituents broke into three caucus groups for the purpose of selecting the nominating committee, which would in turn recommend individuals to serve on the Andrews University Board of Trustees for a five-year term.

The nominating committee, made up of 18 representatives plus five ex officio members, nominated 16 new members for election to the Board. Upon acceptance of their positions, these names, as well as those of continuing members, will be available on the Andrews University website at: There are a total of 38 members on the Board.

Members also voted a number of non-substantive changes to the bylaws and created an ad hoc constitution and bylaws committee to address issues brought up during the session that would require substantive bylaw changes (including board and constituency composition). Members nominated to this committee were: Garland Dulan, Brent Geraty, Ronald Knott, Harold Lee, Duane McBride, Margaret McFarland, and William Richardson.

An action was taken to call a special constituency meeting to be held around the time of the fall 2006 Board meeting to consider the recommendations of the constitution and bylaws committee. Brent Geraty, the corporation secretary, will call the committee and communicate to constituents how to submit items for consideration.

On Monday the newly-elected Board met in executive session, meaning the trustees met without the university administration.  During that time, Niels-Erik Andreasen was re-elected as president of Andrews University.  Other officers of the corporation elected during the board meeting are as follows:  Brent Geraty, secretary; Merle Bascom, treasurer; and Glenn Meekma, controller. Upon re-election, President Andreasen joined the Board to discuss the remaining agenda items. 

Other actions taken by the Board included a review of the administration’s budget assumptions for the 2006-2007 school year. The Board also gave authorization for the sale of the auto mechanic building located on Old 31, former home of the auto-tech program, and approved additional long-term borrowing to pay for the new wastewater treatment plant currently under construction.

Faculty and staff appointments were approved by the Board, some of which include:
• Delmus E. Pinkston, III, undergraduate admissions coordinator for enrollment services
• Elynda A. Bedney, director of Student Financial Services
• Justin Jeffery, graphic designer for Enrollment Management
• Glenn “Chip” Meekma, controller 
• Kris Knutson, advising services coordinator
• Roderick Church, acting chair, Department of Digital Media and Photography
• Allan Payne, professor of aeronautics; chair, Department of Aeronautical Technology
• Rudolph Bailey, chair, Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology
• Ricardo Norton, director of Institute of Hispanic Ministry
• Delmer Davis, professor of English, emeritus
• Stella Greig, director of the Institute of Diversity
• Lionel Matthews, assistant director of the Institute of Diversity
• Julia O’Carey, vice principal of Ruth Murdoch Elementary School, instructor of education
• Rita Seay, principal, Ruth Murdoch Elementary School

Three retirements were also approved:
• R. Ellen Murdick, Aug. 1, 2005, 16 years; Student Financial Services
• William Boomsliter, Sept. 1, 2005, 34 years; Custodial Services
• Esther Tyler, Jan. 1, 2006, 41.5 years; James White Library

The Board will meet again in executive session to finish the election of administration on October 26, 2005 in Washington, D.C. 

After the Board was adjourned, a meeting of the members of the Andrews Broadcasting Corporation was called to order and board members were elected.

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