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Andrews Dairy Sweeps Awards

Date: February 15, 2006
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The Andrews University Dairy swept the top spots in milk production awards at the annual meeting of the Berrien County Dairy Herd Improvement Association held on Dec. 21, 2005. The awards included:

  • "High Herd in Milk" - This coveted award was due to the 28,450 pounds of milk on average that each cow gave last year. That equals 3308 gallons of milk per cow!
  •  "High Herd in Butterfat" - The AU cows averaged 980 pounds of butterfat.
  •  "High Herd Increase in Milk" - The amount of milk AU cows gave in 2005 was 8.2% more than they gave in 2004.
  •  "High Cow in Milk" - This award was given to cow #311 for her outstanding production of 42,001 pounds of milk! The average cow in Michigan gives about 22,000 pounds of milk a year.
  •  "High Cow in Butterfat" - The winner of this award was cow #1634 who produced the richest milk of 4.4% butterfat for a total of 1686 pounds last year.

The Dairy also boasts nine old cows that have produced more than 200,000 pounds of milk in their lifetimes. Much of the milk produced goes to Old Europe Cheese, Inc. in St. Joseph, MI. Some of it also goes to Das Kaese Haus in Middlebury, IN. An infant formula plant in Indiana also buys milk from the Andrews dairy on occasion.  

The AU Dairy and Farm employs more than sixty students throughout the year and eight full-time staff. Several students are in the Dairy Herd Management program training to become top-notch dairy managers and herders. We thank all of them for their excellent work!

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