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Architecture Ranks High in New Urbanism

Date: April 6, 2006
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In a world where connectivity and convenience increasingly influence where people choose where to live, the architectural philosophy of New Urbanism is rapidly gaining supporters - thanks to its commitment to facilitating communities where all necessary amenities are within a 5-10 minute walk of any given residence and convenient living is thus not dependent upon vehicle ownership.

And it's that dedication to pedestrian-friendly design that has earned Andrews University's Division of Architecture high ranking in New Urban News, a professional newsletter targeting architects and public officials who promote and practice New Urbanism.

An article, "New Urbanism Makes Inroads; Still Out of Academic Mainstream," in the February 2006 issue of New Urban News commends Andrews University for being "one of the few architecture departments in the U.S. that directly incorporates New Urbanist principles and practices into the curriculum." In the same issue, Andrews University is tied for sixth place with the University of Pennsylvania under the category "Best Schools: Which Institutions Do a Good Job of Training New Urbanist Practitioners?" Andrews also joins the University of Michigan in fourth place for "Recent Hires at New Urbanist Firms: From What Schools?" Other top ranking institutions include the Universities of Miami, Notre Dame, Maryland and California/Berkeley.

Director of the Division of Architecture at Andrews University, Cary C. Carscallen, is excited by the national recognition - especially its buttressing affect on the confidence of current architecture students. "The holistic way we teach architecture by promoting conservation and a healthy balance in the built environment. . .gives our students the skills they need to succeed." And perhaps more crucially, assures them that "what they are learning is of high value." 

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