Andrews University is located in beautiful southwest Michigan on a 1,600-acre campus along the St. Joseph River. We are a community campus with multiple housing options for our students.

The chart below outlines different options that are available for you. 


Lamson Hall (Female only)

Damazo Hall (Female only) Meier Hall (Male only) Burman Hall (Male only) University Apartments Community
Single  students under age 22 Yes No  Yes No  No  No 
Single students turning age 22 during spring semester Yes No  (If space allows) Yes No  No 
Single students turning age 22 before spring semester Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Single students age 22+ (If space allows) Yes No  Yes Yes Yes
Married couples or families No No  No  No  Yes Yes

If you are an undergraduate student under the age of 22 and choose to live with your parents, you must complete and sign a community residential application (a parent must come to the Student Life office to sign this form).

Students who plan to reside in one of our on-campus residence halls will need to submit a residence hall application. To complete your application, you will need to submit a $250 room deposit, which is refundable when you move out of the residence hall.

You can also learn more by watching these videos: Housing options and Housing application


  • Think comforting and personalized. Bring things that remind you of family and friends, such as your favorite blanket.
  • Don't bring much. Bring the basics such as seasonal clothing, lounging clothes, flip-flops for the shower, rolls of quarters for the washer/dryer, closet organizers, laptop, etc.
  • Don’t duplicate stuff. If possible, contact your roommate in advance to coordinate what you'll each bring to the room.
  • Be familiar with the guidelines.  Learn more about residence hall guidelines here.

Michigan is a four-season state. You should pack accordingly. Here are the averages for the Berrien Springs area.

Berrien Springs, MI

Jan, Feb, March April, May, June July, August, September October, November, December
Avg. High (ºF) 33–44 59–80 75–84 35–64
Avg. Low (°F) 17–26 38–58 52–62 21–42
Avg. Snowfall (in.) 7.7–13.8 0–1.3 0 0.4–13.6

All campus buildings have wireless internet acces. The au-secure wireless network is available to all Andrews University students, faculty, staff and alumni who have a valid Andrews username and password. AU-Guest is an open network intended for use by Andrews University guests and visitors only who do not have Unviersity usernames. Once connected, wifi will work on campus throughout your visit.  Lamson, Meier and Burman residence halls have ethernet connections in each room. Damazo Hall is solely wireless.