College is about pursuing a career. When your student comes to Andrews, they will encounter 130 undergraduate program options and 63 unique majors from which to pursue their career training. We have everything from Accounting to Wellness and beyond. Our University helps students select from aspirations in the sciences, arts, computer technology, theology, agriculture and so much more. Take a look at a full listing of what we have to offer and you will see the broad horizons we provide through academic variety. We also offer multiple ways through which students can enhance their academics.


It is important to us that your student has a challenging and engaging curriculum throughout their Andrews experience. For gifted students and their parents, our J.N. Andrews Honors Program is an assurance that a meaningful classroom experience is available at Andrews. Since the 1960s, the Honors Program has provided a venue for scholarly exploration and social, spiritual and leadership development.

Students who qualify for our Honors Program benefit from smaller class sizes, discussion-oriented learning styles, an opportunity to present a senior honors thesis and much more. The Honors Program also encourages cultural learning and provides trips to museums, concerts and theatrical venues where students can learn and socialize. When your student finishes our Honors Program they will graduate with distinguished regalia while looking back with pride on a close-knit circle of friends and faculty members. You can check out more about the J.N. Andrews Honors Program here.


The one indisposable quality at the heart of successful students is leadership. Leadership is not limited to having a title. It is instead connected to a student's drive to complete a project, establish a goal and maintain vital partnerships. After your student graduates, most, if not all, potential employers will rely on your graduate to be a leader in some capacity. At Andrews we give your student an opportunity to enhance their education by pursuing leadership training. This is done in the form of our Undergraduate Leadership Program. In the Undergraduate Leadership Program, students have the chance to earn a leadership certificate. Those without room in their schedule to take all the courses in the certificate are still invited to take the class LEAD101, which offers excellent leadership preparation and training.

Study Abroad

We ground three concepts firmly in the mind of our students at Andrews: Seek Knowledge, Affirm Faith, and Change the World. The students who are most qualified to change the world at the end of their educational training are the ones who have experienced it. That's why providing opportunities for your student to explore the world beyond the United States is an important value in their Andrews experience.

Andrews is a member institution in Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA). ACA allows North American Adventist students to partner with Adventist institutions around the world to advance their knowledge in foreign languages and cultural exchange. These institutions provide for cross-cultural learning in exciting places such as Hong Kong, Israel, France, Italy, Brazil, Spain and Greece. ACA also provides study tour opportunities for your student for purposes beyond language acquisition. This has included opportunities in business, architecture, ministry and more.

Lastly, it is important to know that Andrews and ACA have a well-worn partnership. If your student chooses to study abroad they will be thoroughly informed and prepared for their transition, well-supported and protected while overseas, and fully capable and encouraged to maintain regular contact with friends at Andrews and parents at home. For more details about study tour opportunities, visit our ACA page on the Andrews University website.

Supplementing Fall and Spring Courses

Sometimes your student may make a choice to go abroad for a semester or may end up in a bind like having to repeat a class. These situations can lengthen their time at Andrews. Other reasons such as a desired start date with an employer or a personal timeline for entering graduate school can motivate your student to finish their program ahead of schedule. Whether it's to play catch up or to get ahead, summer courses at Andrews will help your student to graduate when they want to even after life's curve balls. Two summertime options include May Express and online courses.

The Early College Experience

The Early College Program offers rising high school seniors and new incoming freshman a unique college experience on our main campus in Berrien Springs, MI. Students will participate in one college course, enjoy value-added seminars and cultural tours as part of a comprehensive University package.

May Express

This on-campus learning opportunity is a quick way to knock out four credits while receiving tuition discounted to half price. Another plus is that May Express puts students on campus during the late spring bloom of flowers. After a Michigan winter, May Express will bring a calm that shows your students a quieter campus of true beauty. In addition to discounted tuition, costs for you and your student are also minimized by the fact that students receive free lodging when they take at least three credits. Your student will need to plan ahead as the course offerings for May Express change from year to year. To learn more, visit our May Express website.

Online Courses

Students with time to consistently study each week during the summer can conveniently take a self-paced course with them anywhere in the world with Seize the Summer!  With 20 or more hours a week to study intensely, the greatly discounted, 8-week interactive online classes can make an Andrews Core Experience memorable and a great saving.

The rapidly expanding array of Andrews University’s online programs add flexible options to an Adventist higher education experience.  Students can begin a program of study online before coming to campus, add classes while serving abroad or studying on a public campus, accelerate degree completion by studying through vacations, or complete undergraduate and graduate programs fully online, in their own time, without leaving family and work commitments.  Learning more about all Andrews offers online.