Campus Life

Learning to navigate the University environment may seem overwhelming. There are new buildings, new schedules, new people and, of course, the many new opportunities to make life-altering decisions. Be assured, though—your student is not alone in their University journey!

Our team of Student Life professionals is committed to students’ personal growth and success, partnering with offices across campus to guide students throughout their time at Andrews. In the residence halls, in the classroom and everywhere in between, support systems are in place to help make each University experience as positive and fulfilling as possible.

The Four Hallmarks of Student Life

Andrews is a community where Christ is celebrated and reflected in the academic, social, physical and spiritual experiences of its members. Students who choose to enroll at Andrews commit to a Community Values Agreement, affirming their decision (1) to attend a faith-based institution, (2) to adopt a wholesome lifestyle, (3) to live on a residential campus and (4) to be part of a gathered and growing community.

Students are held accountable to this commitment as we hold ourselves accountable to create and maintain our uniquely Christian environment.

A Faith-Based Institution

As a Seventh-day Adventist institution, Andrews integrates faith, learning and living in and out of the classroom. The Office of Campus Ministries is the hub for faith development of students and, in addition to pastoral care, provides students with numerous opportunities for personal spiritual growth as well as service to others.

A Wholesome Lifestyle

Andrews students are encouraged to strive for overall healthy living and to balance academic rigor with social events and exercise. The Office of Student Activities as well as the Office of Athletics & Intramurals sponsor many opportunities for students to get involved and demonstrate Andrews spirit.

Andrews students also recognize that high standards of conduct play an important role in general wellbeing. Many of these standards, such as honesty and respect for others, are detailed in the Code of Student Conduct.

A Residential Campus

Residential living is part of Andrews University’s philosophy of community-based learning and development. All single undergraduate students under age 22 are required to live in the residence halls unless they meet the criteria outlined in the University’s Residential Living Policy.

The University maintains three residence halls: Lamson Hall (for women), Meier Hall (for men) and University Towers (a residence hall designed for single, older students).

A Gathered and Growing Community

Undergraduate students attend required co-curricular programs that complement classroom education and target four learning outcomes: A Healthy U, A Successful U, A Committed U, and A Better U. The Co-Curriculum, together with the academic curriculum, delivers the whole-person education at the heart of Andrews University’s mission.