Faith Development

Andrews University affirms faith in every part of the university community. Our institution refuses to consign students to a life of private faith expression and development. Instead, we encourage faith in every place.

In the Classroom

Our faculty of dedicated Christians is eager to incorporate prayer and devotional lessons into the class curriculum. They fully understand academic disciplines as resources rightly used for God's will.

Outside the Classroom

Faith development happens at Andrews in a way that is full of variety and intentionality. Students are equipped with Resident Advisors (RAs) in their living space who serve as spiritual mentors in the residence halls. RAs get to know subsections of the residence hall community by visiting, praying for, and keeping accountable the students on an assigned hall. Residence hall deans regularly counsel students in spiritual development.

Outside the residence hall, the greater campus continues to affirm faith. The Office of Campus Ministries organizes scores of avenues through which students can put faith into practice. Students can travel the world as missionaries, take leadership roles in vesper services, or roll up their sleeves and engage in local community projects and ministries. It is our goal that when students graduate from Andrews, they will be driven not only to excel in their chosen industry but to also impact that industry for God.