Andrews University strives to foster a safe and caring environment for all of our students, faculty, staff and guests. In order to facilitate this goal, the University has taken steps to address the safety of those on campus.

Campus Safety
The Andrews University Office of Campus Safety is dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure environment for our campus. They operate 24/7 and are responsible for campus patrols, emergency response, fire and occupational safety, AU Alert, car registrations and more.  
University issued decals or parking permits are required for all faculty, staff, students, and visitors (first-time to Andrews University).  For a list of registration (decal) types, permissions/restrictions of each registration, and fees charged, go to the Parking Registration page.  
AU Alert
AU Alert allows Campus Safety to notify the campus by text message, email and a voice call of any emergency event, be it a class cancellation due to inclement weather or a potentially violent situation. To receive information via the AU Alert system, please visit the Campus Safety website or contact the Campus Safety office at 269-471-3321.
Hostile Threat Training
Campus Safety is currently collaborating with the Berrien County Emergency Management Office to bring training to the University on what actions should be taken in the event of a hostile threat. Until this training is available, the campus is encouraged to complete the online FEMA Independent Study Course IS-907, "Active Shooter: What You Can Do.” This course is free to the public and is available here.
University Student Intervention Team (USIT)
USIT is comprised of representatives from Student Life, Campus Safety, Student Success, Counseling & Testing, and the Department of Psychology and Counseling. In order to provide early and appropriate intervention, USIT asks members of the Andrews University community to report any behaviors or concerns that may be harmful to the health and safety of a student or of others. The members of USIT will review the report and facilitate an investigative process to determine the level of risk. Accordingly, an appropriate course of action and intervention services will be implemented. USIT is committed to working together with campus entities for the wellbeing of students and the safety of the campus.

To report a concern about the well-being of others, please complete the Andrews University CARE Report form. You can also email