Stay Informed

When your student goes off to college, we work to make sure the experience doesn't create a disconnect between you two. We've created a variety of online and print media which makes it possible for you to keep in touch with our campus. The Andrews Web site maintains news stories as well as a calendar of events. You may also find the resources below helpful.

Andrews Agenda

The most significant information outlet on campus is the Andrews Agenda. This daily digital report disseminates details of major campus announcements and events as well as community opportunities. It also includes Week in Pictures, a photographic review of campus happenings.


You can find us on Facebook. You can also connect with our Alumni on Facebook or via the Alumni Web site.


Many of our major departments, such as Enrollment and Student Financial Services, publish newsletters as a way to disseminate information for both the on-campus community as well as friends and supporters of Andrews Abroad. By subscribing to a newsletter, you can be in the know regarding important events, deadlines and news at Andrews.

AU Alert

To ensure multiple means of emergency communication for our campus, Andrews University uses a third party company, Rave Mobile Safety, to send emergency notification alerts to the campus—we call these notifications "AU Alert."

During emergencies, this system will send text messages, emails and voice calls to registered recipients. The system will also post alerts or emergency information to the Andrews University Facebook account and/or the Andrews University Twitter accounts. AU Alert notices are intended only for situations involving imminent danger to health or human safety. These may include severe weather alerts, winter weather class cancellations, hostile threats, utility failure, major road closings or fire, among others.

To receive emergency alert text messages, emails or voice calls, your student can register with AU Alert and input your phone or email information so you are alerted of an incident at the same time as your student.


Focus is the official magazine of Andrews University and is a product of University Communication. Focus is a quarterly magazine with features for current students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the University.