Heart@Andrews Awards


Melissa Bolle, catering manager, Dining Services

Supervisor: Jonathan Mark Daniels

Served in this position: Since December 2016, an employee of Andrews University since August 2016

What inspires you about working at Andrews University?
Knowing that I can touch someone somehow. Every experience we have in life can be seen as an opportunity to leave something wonderful with someone.

What motivates you to share your heart@andrews?
My motivation is that in a cold world we can still be Christ-like. We can still smile even though things may not be okay (remember Job). We can still spread sunshine to others’ clouds. I am new to Seventh-day Adventism. God has a purpose for me here!


Willy Diaz, payroll assistant, Human Resources

Supervisor: Under the direct supervision of Jerod Wilson and overall management of Dan Agnetta of Human Resources

Served in this position: 12 years since being hired in November 2005

What inspires you about working at Andrews University?
The elements of Christian atmosphere and ethnic diversity contribute to an immense pleasure in serving here at Andrews.

What motivates you to share your heart@andrews?
I count it a privilege to be able to serve God in all the daily interactions with people who pass my way. Seeing people smile and satisfied with whatever service I render truly makes my day.


Judith Fisher, director, Counseling & Testing Center

Supervisor: Frances Faehner

Served in this position: 14 years, 16 years full-time at Andrews

What inspires you about working at Andrews University?
I am inspired by the students who come to Andrews from near and from far to expand their world, acquire a greater understanding of life and meaningfully contribute to their world. I am inspired by their dreams, their resilience, their determination, their struggles, their hope, their need for support and their desire to achieve greatly.

What motivates you to share your heart@andrews?
As I interact with each student, I am reminded that I am an ambassador of Christ, and as I share from my heart, I connect each student to the heart of Jesus.


Donnie Keele III, associate dean, Meier Hall

Supervisor: Spencer Carter (director/dean, Meier Hall), Jennifer Burrill (director of Residence Life), Frances Faehner (vice president for Campus & Student Life)

Served in this position: Five years, only full-time position with the University

What inspires you about working at Andrews University?
I am really inspired by the idea of Christian education—that it shares in the work of redemption and that it has the power to increase our ability to better understand who God is and what he has called us to do. Andrews is a place that exists to facilitate the discovery of big things like passion, purpose, values and skills. To have a role in the process and to see it happening where I work is a part of the inspiration that keeps me going.

What motivates you to share your heart@andrews?
I am motivated most by the people I work with every day. The Residence Life and Meier Hall staff are teams that allow me to be myself and pursue my ideas. The student deans and resident advisor staff are teams that engage with my influence and invite the best from me. Without their encouragement and support I would have a much harder time sharing my heart@andrews.



Lhorraine LondonPolite for her drive in creating and managing meaningful and successful events that show the Andrews heart

Aaron Moushon for his passionate engagement with all students, particularly Early College Experience and Explore Andrews

Evelyn Perez for her wisdom, gentleness and spiritual influence in the Department of Leadership

Allen Wellborn for his positive and proactive engagement in making the campus a better place for us all to live and work



Qaisar Ayez for consistently going the extra mile in student care in Student Financial Services

Frances Faehner for her proactive engagement in the needs of the students and campus

Desmond Murray for modelling the Andrews heart in the community

Glenda Patterson for ensuring students receive the best possible care and service in the Seminary