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President's Council

The President's Council advises the President of the university and other administrative and faculty leaders in the design of the overall case for a New Andrews, the individual plans for facility, curricular and financial development which are the essential elements of the case, as well as the sequencing of the plans through a process that reflects wise stewardship and investment practices.

They also assist with the identification of individuals, corporations, foundations and other entities which may be in a position to invest in the plan for a New Andrews, and provide enthusiastic volunteer endorsement and personal testimony through financial assistance.

Charles Randall, Co-chair
Paul Stokstad, Co-chair
George & Jean Arzoo
David & Marilyn Bauer
Ken & Diana Bauer
David & Mary Benfield
Douglas Benson
Ingrid Bozzetti
Mildred Buller
Gordon Butler
Andrew & Dori Coetzee
Brad Colson
David Cromwell
Marco and Erika DiBiase
Cletus Georges
David & Carrie Grellmann
Herald & Donna Habenicht
Larry & Debbie Habenicht
Ray & Madlyn Hamblin
Glen & Marsha Hamel
Loren & Ann Hamel
Edwin & Magaly Hernandez
Ron & Christine Herr
James Hippler
Dann & Elaine Hotelling
Steven Kasperbauer
Thomas & Merry Knoll
Catherine Lang Titus
Dwayne Leslie
Ted & Sharon Lewis
Don & Barbara Livesay
Raymond Mayor
Patti McKenney & David Van Luven
Norman & Dorothy Moll
Craig & Mary Moore
William & Patricia Mutch
Robin & Mary Ann Paquette
Glenn & Margaret Poole
Barbara Randall
Chris & Janelle Randall
Bryan Reed
David & Judy Rowe
Richard & Lois Schell
Rick Schell
Ben & Carol Schoun
Leon & Dolores Slikkers
Robert & Jeanette Smith
Shelley Stokstad
Judith Storfjell
Ron & Pamela Stout
Reid & Ardith Tait
Timbul & Ellen Tambunan
Max & Linda Taylor
Dale & Connie Twomley
Carsten & Ethel Waern
Dana & Dawn Wales
Rebekah Wang Cheng & Charles Scriven
Dan & Julie Woolf
John & Gayle Wuchenich
Richard & Ann Yukl
Edward & Ann Zinke

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