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Students participate at the School of Architecture, Art & Design career fair, which is organized annually by the student honor society Tau Sigma Delta.

American Institute of Architecture Students - AIAS (

Since 1956, students from architecture schools across America have formally come together with the goal of augmenting their education and influencing the profession in which they will soon be an active member. It is important for all to realize, however, that this type of activity is atypical for professional and other student organizations. The AIAS, and its predecessors NASA and ASC/AIA, have been participants for over three decades, helping to shape our current education and our future practice environment.

It is clear that AIAS has increased in its complexity and sophistication, with growth and development placing it at the pinnacle of national student organizations. Many prominent architects and educators, in expressing their support, refer to the AIAS as "the most prominent and influential student organization in the country." The growing list of AIAS national programs and opportunities for students in architecture is a tribute to former student leaders who chose to make a difference in their education, their school, and their profession. You, too, can enhance the educational environment at our school and bring new opportunities to your peers and your community by providing significant participation with our own local chapter of AIAS.

The Andrews University chapter of AIAS has enjoyed tremendous growth in the last few years and has become a vital part of the academic program in the School of Architecture, Art & Design. The chapter has been recognized with national honor awards, published in "Crit" magazine (the national AIAS magazine), and has been home to two of the members of the National Board of Directors for AIAS, once in 1996-97 and again in 2004-05, as well as the national president for 2005-06. The chapter has been able to focus on contributing to the academic and social life of our students in the School of Architecture, Art & Design:

  • The Village Post
    This publication of the chapter occurs throughout the academic year and solicits discussion and debate on issues facing the students in their architectural education within the context of Andrews University's mission and standards. The Village Post also informs students of AIAS activities at home and abroad as well as other lectures and exhibits in the area.
  • The Mentorship Program
    Begun in the fall of 1994, the Mentorship program between First and Fourth Year students was created to develop lines of communication and camaraderie within the student body and to assist in the orientation of our First Year colleagues.

Students for the New Urbanism - SNU

The Students for The New Urbanism (SNU) at Andrews University is a student organization that promotes the principles set out by the Charter of the New Urbanism (CNU) and strives to educate its members and community about the built environment. The SNU organizes various events throughout the academic year in order to help Andrews University students learn about principles and models for sound rural and urban environments.

One particularly successful contribution of the SNU chapter at Andrews University includes the various field trips it organizes annually. The purpose of the field trips is to visit, study and evaluate old and new urban places in the United States. Past SNU trips have included visits to Seaside, Celebration and Miami (Florida), New Town at St Charles (Missouri), WestClay (Indiana), Prairie Crossing and Chicago (Illinois), as well as Middleton Hills and Madison (Wisconsin). 

Other activities include visiting town architects and urban design offices, such as Duany Plater-Zyberk in Miami, and visiting the CNU headquarters in Chicago. The SNU has also co-sponsored various guest speakers at Andrews University, including John Torti (TortiGallas and Partners) and Stephen Mouzon (PlaceMakers, LLC).


Tau Sigma Delta Beta Epsilon

Tau Sigma Delta is the only honor society nationally recognized in the field of architecture, landscape architecture, and the allied arts. The society is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. This is a distinct honor and gives Tau Sigma Delta the same high rating enjoyed by the most distinguished honor societies of other educational fields.

Membership in the society is open only to students having completed 2 1/2 years of an accredited program with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above and in the upper 20% of their class. All members are approved by the current membership. When selections are completed, the officers of the Chapter extend an "Invitation to Membership" to each individual selected.

The Beta Epsilon chapter of Tau Sigma Delta at Andrews University was started in June of 1989. Activities of the chapter include organizing lectures and conferring awards on students with exceptional achievement in their architectural education. The Andrews University chapter also organizes the annual career fair at the School of Architecture, Art & Design. Please contact Denise Collard at (269) 471-6003 for more information regarding the next career fair

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