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The architecture faculty aspires to teach sound thinking, practical skills, and rigorous scholarship in the discipline of architecture; and promotes students who: Craft buildings that are dignified, durable and purposeful; Design communities that foster civility; Serve mankind in accord with their professional and Christian vocation; Seek the virtues of joy, beauty, wholeness and moderation in their lifelong pursuit of learning. All this for God's honor and His glory until the risen Christ comes again.



See what makes our Architecture program excellent and explore the degrees we offer.


  • Professional Master of Architecture 5-1/2 Year Track (Bachelor of Science in Architecture + Master of Architecture)

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture is a non-professional degree. This degree is a prerequisite for the professional Master of Architecture degree. Students receive a Bachelor of Science in Architecture after completing program year four.  Most students pursue the Master of Architecture (5th year) at Andrews University.  When earned sequentially, the degree track results in an accredited professional education.  

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  • Professional Master of Architecture 3-1/2 Year Track

The Master of Architecture 3 1/2 year degree track is an accredited professional degree that is designed for students who have previously earned an undergraduate degree in an unrelated area of study.  

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  • The Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies is a non-professional degree. Students who elect for the Bachelor of Science degree do not proceed into the professional degree track. In this program, Architectural Studies is declared as a major and upon successful completion, receives an undergraduate degree.  Students taking the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in architectural studies may seek advanced degrees or employment in the construction industry, the arts, business, or other fields.

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Faith-based Architecture                                          

As an architect, you can help to craft buildings that are dignified, durable, and purposeful. Your architecture can serve others and bring glory to our Creator.  At Andrews University, you are encouraged to reaffirm your faith by pursuing architecture of real and lasting value. Here you can develop the professional skills and rigorous scholarship that are required to build durably, practically, and beautifully. Your architectural education can prepare you to solve problems creatively, to communicate solutions for shelter, human needs, and the delight of our senses. Learn to pursue architecture that uplifts communities, guards the environment, and reaffirms the glory of our Creator.


 Students at Andrews University are asked to consider architecture as a craft which can shape our material culture through the studied application of accumulated skill, knowledge and understanding. The program generally seeks to integrate technical and aesthetic knowledge in the making of artifacts, the decorative arts, buildings, cultivated landscapes, urban form and public art. Students are challenged to be guided by the principles of durability, purpose and beauty as they make choices in material, design and methods of workmanship. The emphasis on craftsmanship informs architectural design within the entire studio curriculum, but has also shaped a rich culture of drawing, rendering, model building and furniture making at Andrews University.

Civil Communities                                          

The School of Architecture & Interior Design understands individual buildings and artifacts to be part of a greater whole. Architecture should contribute to the shaping of sound rural, urban and cultural landscapes. It can also positively contribute to the way we dwell as individuals, families, neighborhoods, regions and nations. This program promotes the shaping of places which foster civility, health and environmental stewardship. To prepare students for the building and preservation of such places, the studio curriculum is pursued within the context of traditional urban design principles and exposes students to a range of contexts, from rural landscapes to urban centers. The fifth-year urban design studio is conducted according to the principles of the New Urbanism and all students are actively engaged with real community design projects.

Christian Values

Architecture students at Andrews University are encouraged to seek the virtues of joy, beauty, wholeness and moderation in a lifelong pursuit of learning. Within the context of the Seventh-day Adventist faith, the program challenges students to examine how these virtues can be expressed in our material culture and in our social relationships as citizens and professionals. The School of Architecture & Interior Design promotes those who are motivated to be rigorous in scholarship and generous in service.


Within the context of the mission of Andrews University, the School of Architecture & Interior Design seeks to prepare students to serve in accord with a professional and Christian vocation. The program fosters a healthy studio culture in which students and faculty are encouraged to serve and promote each other and their respective communities. The course curriculum provides a range of opportunities for students to gain experience in diverse fields of community service to learn how architecture can contribute to the good of mankind. Students can choose to participate in various service projects pursued by the Architecture Missions Group, including ongoing work in South America, Africa and the United States. All fifth-year students participate in the annual urban design studio, which serves real communities in their efforts to shape the public realm.

A new way of thinking was presented to me through the curriculum at the School of Architecture and it really resonated with me. Now, that mindset is second nature in my work, as I seek to create great places for people.
— Jeremiah W. A. Smith, class of 2012 M.Arch. , Allison Ramsey Architects, Inc.
 Jeremiah Smith

Jeremiah Smith


Learning, Sharing, & Serving... Life in the Studio

It is a commodious building, yet is not extravagant in its design or workmanship. Nothing less than this, in architecture or expense, would we desire to offer to our God as his house.
— Ellen G. White, The Review and Herald, January 4, 1881, Art. C, par. 2