INFS120 Fundamentals of Information Technology (FIT)

Computer Proficiency testing allows students to attempt to opt out of taking INFS120 Foundations of Info Tech. There are two test options: The Computer Literacy Waiver Test and the Foundations of Information Technology (FIT) Challenge Test. The student who passes the waiver test will be exempt from taking INFS120 but will not receive credit for the class. The student who passes the FIT challenge test will earn 3 credits for INFS120 and will not have to take the class. A student may take the test only once. A fee of $18 for the Waiver test or $190 for the FIT test will be charged to your student account when you sign in on the day of the test.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), B.S. Business Administration, and A.S. General Business students need credit for INFS 120, so they should take the FIT Challenge Test to receive INFS 120 credit toward their business degree.

The test consists of four hands-on exercises: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access to be done using Microsoft Office 2013. The student is required to do and pass three of the four exercises in order to pass the test.

Students needing to take the Computer Proficiency test should contact Betty Gibson at for an appointment.

A list of topics which may be covered on the test is available here.